Rachel Hollis Has The 90-Day Plan To Make Things Work For You – Part 1

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Rachel Hollis Has The 90-Day Plan To Make Things Work For You – Part 1

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  • Paul Carr says:

    Thank you.

  • Anthony says:

    We need more of this! Positive people, different perspectives, constructive attitudes and hope. The media destroys people with fear and anxiety which keeps your cortisol levels high and your immune system down

  • Beth Ann says:

    Love the positivity ❤

  • Made in Morocco TV says:

    Great video

  • angel gift studio says:


  • Bobby Shallot says:

    Some of us are SO Targeted that we’ve been in lockdown and TRULY Alone too or Years thanks to the FISA abusers. Ive STILL been FAR better off than the Children I sought a way to help and thus ended up joining QAnon where I found a Way to DO It! Hang onto your hats and buckle up, folks!l The evil ones are the MOST Despeate they could be with their adrenachrome drug supply cut off by the Rescue of SO many Children and the “earthquake” explosions sealing off their intercontinental tunnels for human trafficking and the underground dark souled “military” DUMBS.
    There is a soldier on demon and soldier on alien Grey WAR going on down there to explain the fire seen coming out of street drains and manhole covers. The FINAL SHOWDOWN Battle of Battles. Bet ME we ain’t Winning! We ARE! Hint: Virus Schmirus!

  • wrnrbro says:

    If “Dr. Oz” thinks it’s ok if 2-3% of our children die from being exposed to Covid-19, it’d be worth their lives to help the economy, may I suggest we hold Dr. Oz to his idea and allow him to be sacrificed for it.

    One way or another, the castles will be torn down and the greedy charlatans will be held accountable.


  • Larry Richardson says:

    Look missy I quarantined or isolated myself on the first of March. It wasn’t because of Fear. It’s called “common sense”. A GOD given ability that allows one to see the possible outcomes of bad situations. To me this looked bad and I took action. I decided that it was either stay home for possibly 2 months or more or face the ventilator. I chose the former. Wisdom not fear.

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