R. Kelly’s Former Crisis Manager Speaks Out

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Darrell Johnson shares why he believes many celebrities have backed away from R. Kelly, and reveals why he resigned from his team. Find out if he intends to go back and work for R. Kelly.

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  • Debby He says:

    Wow is this man in your show… Dr oz

  • Sherry Gilardian says:

    He had a normal life and 2 girlfriends 🤣

    • Claudia Vlahović says:


    • Amy Jarrett says:

      Exactly what I was thinking, lol! I’m sorry but 2 or 6 girlfriends isn’t a normal life. He’s 52 years old so why does he only have middle school to 22 yr old girlfriends. He’s a serial pedophile and he’s broke from paying NDA’s for 30 yrs to stay out of jail.

    • Rene Hamner says:

      Amy Jarrett clearly you don’t know what a pedophile is. Check the priest who are attracted to LITTLE kids. Hugh Hefner has several live in girlfriends and plenty of men and women have relationships like that bc it’s their choice and nobody’s business. A whole show on tv called sister wives so please stop!

    • Jaffie Peters says:

      @Amy Jarrett these is grown women

    • UrbanMaxx TV says:

      @Amy Jarrett A lot of men have 2 girlfriends… Many women just don’t know… They often think they are the only one he’s dating…. Kuddos on R. Kelly for being upfront and honest….

      However, I still believe he’s a pedophile.

  • Rahr says:

    The man in the white house had a wife and stormy…do 2 girlfriends should not shock any body.

  • L Saunders says:

    I can’t believe anyone would do this interview.

  • Indie_V says:

    I wouldn’t hire him if I needed a crisis manager 🙄

  • Mary Poppins says:

    Why is he on dr. Oz???😩😩😩😩🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😩😩😩😩😩

  • Ira Leonard says:

    So let me get this straight if he would have went there and said what Y’all wanted to hear, y’all would have said see That’s why he quit etc u would be saying I’m glad he left but…. he went on there talking about real facts now y’all keep bringing up the man daughter because u wanted him to say things for ratings total backfire and since when is dr oz doing things like this y’all tag me when he does these same shows on Harvey, Kevin spacey etc

  • willa taylor says:

    I Keep R.Kelly in my Prayers.
    #Free R.Kelly

  • rdbetta says:

    Crisis manager? WTF is going on now days that tittle shouldn’t exist

  • George Shambley says:

    Listen to what the man said even if he go back or not this man mom was sick and she just died it wouldn’t that he left our Kelly for no other reason so don’t be so hard to try to stomp somebody down this man didn’t say anything negative about R.Kelly nothing negative at all

  • Jumaane Ray says:

    Now that’s how you interview. That’s how you rep your client. Keep fighting for #RKelly near and far. Avoid overly complicated interviews. Keep them simple and continue to stick to the points. Your daughter has nothing to do with this situation. Respectfully ask folks to never mention her again. Proud of you Mr. Johnson. You needed time to clear your head. Prayers for you and your family condolences for the loss of your mother my friend. 🙏🏾

  • Ahmahkyah says:

    I don’t understand why this person was given NEeee airtime?!?


    lol wtf this guy is definitely no doctor
    He only has a role to play that is to deceive the masses and keep them destroyed as much as possible!!!
    He is a complete fake and a tool
    For propaganda

  • Elizabeth Bell says:

    👏 D.Johnson!!! Stick to wrinkle rejuvenation Dr. Oz

  • Legacy For Real says:

    DOCTOR Oz, RK is innocent unless proven guilty. Why are u referring to him as “disgraced singer”? Isn’t “embattled singer” more appropriate? SMH

  • Legacy For Real says:

    As a dr.the only things you should be speaking to Darrell Johnson about.is rk’s physical and mental health and breaking it down for us.your commentaries are bias against rk.it’s starting to look as though u r part of the conspiracy to destroy rk and his legacy

  • Brahim Borhi says:

    Dr Oz is supposed to show medical benefits and tips on how to live a better and healthier life NOT R kelly trial!!

  • GEM says:

    All of Hollywood takes part in this nastiness. It’s always targeting certain stars. But all of Hollywood is a sick cess pit

  • M Redmond says:

    I am not going to lie, i clicked this video fast thinking that he was going to be another person to go bad on R Kelly! I am so glad that is NOT the case. This man believes in doing the right thing and he is no longer working for Kelly’s team. So he truly believes R Kelly is innocent and saying so. It is so cool to see someone go public on R Kelly’s behalf. So many people in the comments are upset and were probably hoping to hear negative things from this man as well. Lifetime, its producers, and the broads from the doc lied on R Kelly and the proof is out there. Free this man so he can get back to making good music!

  • Pumpkin Spice says:

    What happen to giving information about the benefits of green tea?! Dr. Oz is a phony! Stay in your lane!

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