R. Kelly Younger Brother Speaks Out About His Family’s Abusive Past

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R. Kelly Younger Brother Speaks Out About His Family's Abusive Past

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  • Kevin Davis says:

    Speak Your Truth Carey Kelly

  • Leelee Roper says:

    R.Kelly is a sick man and he had help hurting all these people… Azriel is about to tell it all!

  • Abricot Cotier says:

    Poor guy:-(.the swing thing is horrible:-(

  • GEICO Insurance Company says:

    15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.


    So sad for him…

  • Linda Casey says:

    We are responsible for our OWN actions .. we are who we are .. not who our parents made us.

  • Nosipho khomo says:

    R kelly is sick

  • Spirit Of Truth. says:

    Flesh VS Spirit = One Heck’uva Battle for every human soul.

  • LiveLearn DUbetter says:


  • Holly McCaughley says:


  • Queen Dora J. says:

    R Kelly is a dufus not supporting him at all #muterkelly

  • Antonio Milheiro da Costa says:

    These two women are amazing!

  • Flora Wyatt says:

    Not his fault he needs help it affected his life

  • Tiffany Williams says:

    So happy everything is coming out! If only this could of came out in the 90’s, so many lives could of been saved and not so traumatic!

  • Tiffany Williams says:

    R Kelly deserves to rot in prison, he should of been there many years ago!

  • Jana Parker says:

    R. Kelly is sick and need some help! But his brother is out of order putting their family’s business out there. Why didn’t he tell this story years ago before R. Kelly start hurting these young girls? Carey just want the exposure! It’s all about the money and people will go through anything for fame and money! I’m glad they stopped him but why it took so long. My opinion I think everybody is at fault for this whole thing including the parents for sacrificing their daughters for money and fame! Everybody knew that Robert was sick but as long as he was spending money they were quiet. Now the money ran out now everybody is coming out telling their story. I don’t trust none of these celebrities and the people they hang around them! Prime example Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston etc…. The list goes on!

  • Infertile Myrtle says:

    As much as I MISS Aaliyah 💔, I’m glad she’s in heaven and at peace and don’t have to suffer as a human seeing what RKelly did to women using her name.

  • Scrambled Greg says:

    I like Oz.

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