R Kelly Accusers Speaks Out

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R Kelly Accusers Speaks Out

One of R. Kelly’s former girlfriends claims she was groomed on how to please the star in bed by his personal sex “trainer.”

In a forthcoming interview on “The Dr. Oz Show,” Asante McGee opens up about the bizarre sex lesson — saying it was just one sign of the disgraced singer’s controlling behavior.

“Even before moving to the house, one of the earlier things that he showed me, maybe like a month before moving me to the house, he introduced me to the trainer,” McGee says in the segment, which is set to air in full Thursday, according to clips released Wednesday.

“I was told, she’s someone to teach me how to please him. So basically, she would give me instructions sexually how to please him, what he liked and what he didn’t like.”

One of the first people she met at Kelly’s home near Atlanta was the trainer, along with the star’s longtime girlfriend Azriel Clary, she says.

“When we got to the home, it was me, the trainer, and Azriel there. We was together, we arrived at the house, [Kelly] showed us the bedrooms and everything, and from that moment, that’s when he just started giving me the rules every day, because I remember having to go to the bathroom, to the kitchen, wherever, you had to knock on.”

In the interview, McGee says suddenly found herself living with the R&B singer after two years of dating, when he convinced her to fly from Oklahoma to Georgia.

“[I] arrived at his house, and he said, ‘Welcome home,'” she said. “It was not up for discussion or anything, I was just told.”

She is among several accusers who say Kelly manipulated and abused them over a period of years.

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  • Blooming Accents says:

    Dr. Oz you had Cherylin Cadle on your show recently. She wrote the book on Chris Watts called “Letters from Christopher”.
    A reader noticed the BLATANT plagiarism in the book. Cherylin lifted directly from Anne Howard’s book “His Garden”. Anne is a an Author and Attorney. She is aware of this and is going directly after Cherylin.
    Thought the show would want to know

  • Yobi ASMR says:

    Got my popcorn ready

  • Maddie W says:

    And the R. Kelly crime saga continues. Dr Oz this is suppose to be a festive time I can’t be bothered. Talk to me about solution for my shedding hair

  • cyndy hillman says:

    Who heck r Kelly never heard of him

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    Just cause she came on here, all the R-Kelly lovers will talk more smack about her. I believe her ( McGee )

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