Queen Latifah on Going to Therapy and Mental Health – Best Celebrity Guests

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Queen Latifah on Going to Therapy and Mental Health – Best Celebrity Guests

Queen Latifah tells us what it was like to be at Hollywood’s biggest night. Then, she shares her own personal experience with going to therapy and what she’s doing to spread the word about the importance of taking care of our mental health.

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  • Amani Ketchen says:


  • Faye King says:

    Good afternoon

  • Pamela Hartfield says:

    We black women, 35yrs. of age and up, really need black women therapists 35yrs. of age and up that can relate to what we are going through. I have no desire to try to receive therapy from someone much younger than me who has no real life experience. I have no desire to receive therapy from anyone who doesn’t care about black women!(smh). Racist white people, black men who act like they hate their black sisters, and Arab men don’t care about black women! The only interest most Arab men have in a young black women between 18yrs.-30yrs. old is getting between her legs. And, white women who love black men and black penis, but hate black women definitely would not make a good therapist or real friend in life. However, some black women from predominantly black cities tend to give each other love and support in different ways 💗

  • Rennie Jackson says:

    Love her hair color.

  • Pamela Hartfield says:

    Be very careful about who you receive mental health therapy from! If you are a Christian, you don’t want to make the mistake of receiving therapy from an undercover witch/warlock. And, these medium psychics are not of God. Talking to the dead is not of God. The Holy Bible tells us to try the spirit by The Holy Spirit. “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”(1 John 4:1)

  • Abu Huraira says:

    Reality of life
    When you give importance to people
    They think that you are always free
    But they don’t understand that
    You make yourself available for them every time

  • Martin Ritch says:


  • J IV says:

    Living legend 👏👏👏

  • Linda Alvarez says:

    Just because someone is smiling doesn’t mean they are not struggling in pain. I Love this Women! Always Encouraging and Honest!! To those that are in mental pain…. there are many people that can and will help you! You are Important! PLEASE! Never Ever give up!!!JESUS Loves you🌈!!!!!!!

    • SUGAR XYLER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

      Your Jesus can tell me that himself if he existed


      I went to a counselor, because my insurance doesn’t cover therapists. But, i spoke to her about my life. And, i ended up crying on my way home. I talked about stuff, that i literally blocked out. So, i had to stop going, because i didn’t want relive that again. But, i asked for a psychiatrist, and they perscribed anxiety medication. If i get memories, i start to panic. So, the medicine actually calms me down.

  • k smith says:

    Queen Latfah, please answer this, what happens when you are caught “in the system” trying to get Help” I hope you see this comment! What’s the point when there is so much red tape!!!!

  • Rev Laird says:

    Speaking well from me upcoming fifty-year-old happy early birthday to you my 50 bring you lots of happiness and prosperity blessed be the young Queen Latifah🖤💜🖤💚🖤💙💨🗯️💎💎💎🐘😕🤔😎🤑😇💫


    This was last year

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