Promising Results Of New Hydroxychloroquine Study

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Promising results of new hydroxychloroquine study

A Chinese study appears to back up the view that the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine could potentially hold a key for effective coronavirus treatment.

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  • chaniqua smith says:

    I hope this is true.

    • The Reason says:

      chaniqua smith
      You are watching FOX

    • Scott Lee says:

      Its is

    • The Reason says:

      Scott Lee
      Doesn’t matter. They need a cure. That’s why we are shut down. There are lots of things that help with the common cold but there’s no cure.

    • Scott Lee says:

      @The Reason if you strengthen your body’s immune system your body can actually cure itself we have 75% of people in New York City recently released from the hospital and have been discharged because they successfully survived the coronavirus but media doesn’t tell you that do they or if they do they don’t tell you that as much as they tell you things that have not yet coming to reality

    • Scott Lee says:

      @The Reason have faith try not to contracted deadly disease but in the future stay healthy eat healthy workout exercise keep us strengthen immune system because they won’t tell you half of the people that’s walking around right now a somatic based on a stronger immune system

  • infinatenik says:

    A doctor used zinc with chloroquine and had 100% improvement.

    • Mar Heironimus says:

      @Howard Petterson You do know that thalidomide caused severe birth defects right? Try googling thalidomide. Seriously, people should stop playing doctor.

    • Kenneth Hawkins says:

      @Mar Heironimus It does not work tiny brain or not

    • Howard Petterson says:

      @Mar Heironimus absolutely knew that. The victim has to sign the contract for her knowing that they will not EVER GET PREGNANT and I think she will be verified by 3 lawyers. So please don’t pontificate to me

    • infinatenik says:

      @le th it has been tested in korea on hundreds of patients ,France had good results,and most European countries are testing chloroquine,the only country lagging behind is America

    • Kenneth Hawkins says:

      @Fransje Bik We dont have red tape .If it works we will use it and tell the world to go to hell.We did the first human to human heart transplant successfully on the third of December 1967.We will use it if it worked it obviously doesn’t work .

  • imeldo marcos says:

    You have to add a zinc supplement to the hcq zpak combo.

  • ESTHER ROSE says:

    Use labourers to make ventilators, masks, gloves, all medical emergency supplies within the country itself. Don’t depend others to import all products always

    • didyuknow says:

      Things sent from china are highly questionable. Would you stick a test swab on your nose knowing where it came from? You get a positive result gifted to you that way? UK discovered interesting things on kits they received. This is way too unusual to be accident. Italy and Spain received faulty test kits and sent them all back. I would wait until it is well known what they knew and when before continuing to accept them as a friend .

    • Kailani Mcalpine says:

      ESTHER ROSE This has got to be the new way…how can we equate America being so great and strong, yet we don’t even have the means to feed and supply the American people without relying on other countries

  • Grasshopper says:

    How about doing a piece on IVERMECTIN which is being reviewed in Australia. Looks very promising – safe – less expensive – simpler.

    • Vicki Bevington says:

      I used ivermectin to work my goats!

    • Vicki Bevington says:

      Worm sorry.

    • Here Beforeyou says:

      Maybe goat yoga

    • Walter Dayrit says:

      @Ron Wuerch Unfortunately, the actual losers will the ones who died because of the disinformation by the mainstream media.

    • Ronnie Zimmerman says:

      Vicki Bevington yeah great anti-parasitic!! Used extensively in hoof stock, ruminants, and often used off label for small animal medicine(cats/dogs) . The antiviral component is fascinating in regards to sars-cov2 and how it inhibits the cell wall advantage this virus has to take over the cells of the lower airway , paranchema, and causing the ards symptoms in people. We see a similar mechanism of action in the virus affecting isolated populations of felines (ex. tiger in Bronx zoo-WCS) and how it affects the similar structures leading to the acute pneumonia, etc. we saw this with the last sars epidemic in cat populations and their airway tract cells responding in a very similar fashion.

  • nintendoplaystation5 says:

    Seems like Hydroxychloroquine is the best cure so far! Maybe they should include some of that in their potential vaccine. If they keep improving this drug, who knows this nightmare could be over sooner instead of later.

    • Jane D says:

      Vaccines don’t work that way. when you shoot someone up with an antigen, you want an immune response to generate specific antibodies, so the next time you see the virus, you are loaded for bear. HCQ dampens the immune system, which is why people with autoimmune diseases like lupus and RA take it. It would be counter productive to give an immune stimulant and an immune suppressant together. Also, HCQ gets metabolized quickly out of your system. pointless to use it unless your are immuno-compromised or are knowingly going to be exposed to CV.

    • yamile Fuentes reymont says:


    • dazraf says:

      what Jane D said

    • James Fournier says:

      2nd what Jane D said

  • Wayne Doyle says:

    Funny… Trump says it shows promise, Thay freak out.
    China does a small controlled study and suddenly it’s taken as gospel.
    I believe it will work because of the other results from France, the Doctor in NY that has treated about 600 patients and others. I do not trust the Chinese government that lied to the world about the virus and I wonder about why now with this information. What is their angle?
    How much hydroxecloriquin do thay now have to sell to the rest of the world and can it’s purity be trusted?

  • Raymond Crisostomo says:

    Look at the countries that this drug was use in African nations. This where the malaria medicine was used and look at the coronavirus cases not even in 300 cases Uganda, Nigeria, African nation.

  • Bij Seel says:

    Expert’s are failing HCQ without adding Zinc supplementation.

    • Islamisthecultofsin says:

      +Bij Seel I’d swear they are doing everything they can to make it look less effective.

    • Rich B says:

      Zinc is only required where a person has a zinc deficiency. It’s not the digested zinc that blocks the RPDP reactions, it’s intracellular zinc. Most westerns have more than sufficient zinc in their diets for the HCQ to convert to intracellular zinc.

  • Alhaji Jalloh says:

    I’m tired of hearing about new promising drugs.Test them on the people in the hospital now.Do it now now now now people are dying.These patients have nothing to lose.

    • I Violanti says:

      @chadkincham Thank you I have another one for your list : it is from CDC:

    • Jon Doe says:

      Cuba was first to use this “promising” drug now trump acting like he knows science and medicine and he invented it

    • Bryana Williams says:

      This drug taken with the zpac helped my friend who had COVID 19.

    • Alhaji Jalloh says:

      Bryana William
      Chloroquine worked for me when I had malaria.This thing is safe as it has been around way before I was born.If it helped 20 out of 50 it’s better than nothing.We don’t have 18mths to wait for a vaccine.

    • I Violanti says:

      @bodhicat1 this is one, I have compiling a list: Henry Ford to head first large-scale study of potential COVID-19 treatment drug ***
      More than 3,000 health care workers and first responders will be enrolled for the study at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.
      The FDA will provide the drug directly to Henry Ford Health System for physicians to distribute. Recruiting has not yet begun. More information can be found at

  • jdubs22 says:

    Hydroxychloroqine azithromycin and zinc have been the standard of care in U.S. states where pcps aralliwed to prescribe it. It has worked extremely well for people experiencing beginning Covid 19 symptoms. However many governors coordinated a ban on using combination s of these drugs together. New York ( Cuomo) New Jersey and Michigan ( Whitmer) banned or limited the use and they are the three highest death total states due covid19. How many people needlessly died??? Tennessee had banned the use of these drugs and Joe Diffie passed away from Covid 19. Makes me think it was a political ploy to say Trump was not prepared when in fact he acted quickly and decisively.

    • Mike Joyce says:

      Exactly what I said, look at my post and see how a Troll tried to say it killed someone. Not true, and Im at a loss as to why the use would be banned. Seems like you have a point, and why is it happening in far left strongholds?

    • jdubs22 says:

      @Mike Joyce it seems like it was coordinated….thus group of governors had to know specifically that hydroxychloroqine and azithromycin used together could stop covid19 and almost as a coordinated effort banned it or limited it’s use the second week of March and no media has called them out on it…Trump never said azithromycin he talked about chloroquine and hydroxychloroqine……

    • Mike Joyce says:

      @jdubs22 Ya I live in Western NY and my girlfriend is from Trenton NJ and it seems like the media and talk by the governor’s is the same. Her father has COPD and thinks he has it but is under the impression that it is outright illegal to get it because he watches CNN all day and that’s he got from there. I looked into it on the government websites and other sources and found out that that’s not entirely true, that it is just limited to people that need it. But if you have people who are under the assumption that it is illegal or that they aren’t going to get it because it is banned then they would never ask to use it in the first place which is wrong. There are people that come on this post and try to argue with me to say that there is a study somewhere the shows that people died or something like that or that a straight-up doesn’t work and I asked them for the study or information and then they can’t produce it. This further tells me that they are just part of the lamestream media and are sheeps listening to them and that they have no real information besides what they are told. I am definitely going to leave New York after this and move to a better place. Remember when the media said that there was a shortage of it that was their other narrative, but that’s not true anymore because we had those 30 million doses donated to us. That really put a damper on the mainstream media who’s pushing against this drug and still continues to. I hate to say it but I think that the media and the Democrat Party just wants to see people die and cause chaos and drag this out.

  • johnnybgoode1950 says:

    When we have people dying at this rate why are we waiting for all these trials?

    • Rich B says:

      Trials are needed to show that it’s actually effective and safe. They are also needed to determine when its best administered and at what doses. Doctors are administering it however they are doing it somewhat blindly without the science of trials. I know two people who were administered these drugs as a last ditch try and died. Also there isn’t enough for everyone to use. 30 million doses seems to be a lot but when you consider people need multiple doses it quickly adds up to tens of Billions of doses would be needed in the US alone.

    • Kailani Mcalpine says:

      johnnybgoode1950 No kidding! I guess the obvious isn’t so obvious, unless one is inclined to factor in dubious behaviors, outside of the political agenda. This isn’t a partisan issue, it’s a how the 1% get paid for distributing the drug to the masses!!! They’re pitiful human beings, I hope when they have the coronavirus, there will be no chloroquine for them….

    • Joe Bloe says:

      Because we are not stupid?

  • Thorvald vonJohnson says:

    Thank you OZ for advocating for Hydroxychloroquine, BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start discussing the importance of Zinc in the Hydroxychloroquine/Zithromax cocktail… Zinc is THE KEY ANTIVIRAL COMPOUND!. Without Zinc, hydroxychoroquine alone will not be effective! It is also important to give the treatment EARLY to quickly reduce the viral load. Once a patient is on a vent, the viral load is already low and Zinc/Hydroxycloroquine will not be beneficial.

    From peer-reviewed literature: Zinc is the antiviral, hydroxychloroquine activates the ZInc ion channel and Zithromax is believed to be acting as an anti-inflammatory. Research shows that Zinc deactivates viral replication inside the cell but Zinc has a hard time entering the cell without hydroxychloroquine. Also, many people are chronically low in Zinc so supplementation is absolutely necessary. Zithromax, and other macrolide antibiotics, have already been studied in the treatment of ARDS and is believed to act to reduce the body’s inflammatory response.

    Note: It has been suggested that some arthritis patients on hydroxychloroquine do get COVID-19… I would bet that the patients that were infected were also LOW IN ZINC!

    • David Donald Dennison says:

      Thorvald vonJohnson moron? He is a proponent of alternative medicine, and has been criticized by physicians, government officials, and publications, including Popular Science and The New Yorker, for endorsing unproven products and non-scientific advice. The British Medical Journal published a study that found more than half of the recommendations on medical talk series like The Dr. Oz Show had either no evidence or contradicted medical research. Donald Trump’s appointment of Oz to the Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition was criticized as an example of choosing “pundits over experts” also oz was born here but served in Turkish army not U.S.

  • Richard P says:

    I agree with the comments on ZINC!! Tell the President to mention ZINC if he insists on mentioning HydroxyChloroquine…

  • Mr Sage says:

    HCQ is a cheap drug and no longer patented. Big Pharma won’t make any money so they’re suppressing it.

  • nay rod says:

    Hannity acting like a real reporting and actually agreeing with someone. Miracles do happen.

  • A G says:

    Will our FDA ever stop getting in the way of this cheap generic and relatively harmless drug?

  • Cheryl says:

    Hydroxychloroquine is an antiviral drug. CV 19 is a viral infection. I wouldn’t think this would take a lot of thought, it should not need to be studied. It makes absolutely no sense except people stalling for time. 🤔

    • Kailani Mcalpine says:

      Cheryl Exactly, not to mention it’s already being used for people who have the disorders it was designed for.. so we already have data on human reactions.

      This is clearly a problem outside of politics. Seems to be directly related to the 1% needing time to figure out how they will market the drug to maximize profits 🥵🤢🤯

  • IronCowgirl* Bree says:

    I have Lupus and a member of 1 of the largest Lupus support groups online. Several ppl taking Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) have tested Positive with Covid-19, but it seems as though they are not getting it as severe &/or asymptomatic!

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