Price Gouging Allegation Leaves 750,000 Face Masks in Limbo

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Price Gouging Allegation Leaves 750,000 Face Masks in Limbo

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  • Louie Cypher says:

    I wouldn’t expect anything more from Americans. Hitting people when they’re down is their favorite thing to do. That’s why we dont make in America anymore. Too many bandits robbing each other so now we depend on china for everything. Wish we could be what we used to be.

  • Banana Dude says:

    It is so sad!!!!

  • nadia562010 says:

    How bout we talk about price gouging for TP, hand sanitizer, soap, paper towels etc. As well

  • Tim says:

    nice content keep it up

  • Tim says:

    great content keep up the good content

  • ༫༺ཊZ says:

    They laughed at me when I wore a face mask in the gym now they’re all copying me

  • coconutcatman says:

    I bought some masks on Ebay and one hour later, there listing was deleted by Ebay and I cant get my money back for 10 days

  • Jan Ke says:

    Couldn’t find the full episode from 4.1.20, so here’s the comment about NY. The true horror of it all? New York had a Pandemic Influenza Plan in 2006, 406 pages long. Why didn’t they implement it in 2006? Bottom line: It’s always about the almighty dollar. Well, whine away. We’re only considered collateral damage in the eyes of the certain government departments & the nations’ hospital administrators. Here’s the link: Dr. Colleen Smith, I thank you for exposing how it is. I’ve worked in 5 different hospital emergency rooms as well as incompetent LabCorp. I always had to beg for gloves as it was even way back then. When I was a lab assistant & had a positive case of SARS, I was threatened by the hospital administrator with termination for DARING to call the CDC & report it per protocol. They retaliated against me so badly that I gladly resigned. You know as well as I that since very few are being tested, it has only served to fan the flame. I can only imagine how many hospitals across the nation are concealing numbers just like Methodist Willowbrook Hospital in Houston tried. Regardless I reported them to every alpha bet soup agency there was over that hospital & laboratory. They were hounded by investigators for months. That’s enough retribution for me. Our “great” nation put us in this predicament. The New York State Department of Health agency was the leading branch that headed New York’s plan. As an emergency room doctor, you understand that I blame the ADMINISTRATORS & certain doctors, Chiefs of Staff, etc., for NOT taking a stand & DEMANDING that the plan be done. They preferred to keep their high-paying jobs & keep quiet. Take care, my prayers are with you & everyone all over our “great” nation….except the aforementioned groups. I want to add that Colorado has a similar plan & equally failed to implement theirs, so we are right behind New York, the refrigerated trucks are here as well. Can’t call 911, can’t go to the hospital, the primary doctors have quit or refuse to see you & groceries are nowhere to be seen.

  • B Button says:

    KCRA 3 received a complaint from a West Sacramento resident and business owner about the Loop Market in Davis.

    The store posted pictures on their door advertising N95 face mask for $9.99 and a gallon of hand sanitizer for $75. The store manager said these are corporate prices on new items and denied they were price gouging.

    “Something tells me prior to this pandemic, they didn’t offer gallon hand sanitizer or N95 masks at a convenient store gas station along the freeway. I highly doubt that was something they even stocked or offered,” said West Sacramento resident Dave Viera.

  • Candace Torres says:

    Send this to Mr.Barr. someone!!

  • John San Juan says:

    How Should We Stopped That Illegal Practice of Price Gouging?

  • Shannon Gallagher says:

    To anyone that is not saved by the blood of Jesus, we are in the End of days, the world is being turned upside down and God is using this epidemic to bring people back to him.
    You cannot get to heaven based your goodness…we are no good, we are all sinners, we have all broken the Ten Commandments therefore we will need help getting into heaven and that help is by the blood that Jesus shed on the cross
    … if you have not accepted Jesus as your savior & repented of your sins and if you died today you will go to hell for eternity! so many people are afraid to offend people with this
    .. I would rather scare you and offend you too heaven than to smile your way to hell!
    your beautifulness your money your big houses your cars will not get you to heaven, we are at the end of the end of last days, Jesus Christ is soon coming to get his children and if you are not saved you will not go with him.
    this may sound Doom and Gloom but there is nothing worse than standing in front of the Lord God and then they cast you into a lake of fire!
    so don’t be fooled by your looks and your money because that’s not getting you nowhere!
    so please repent of your sins turn to Jesus now before it’s too late!

  • Carla R says:

    Disgusting greedy people…money talks …we all know the rest…but there are still GOOD people in this world…my god human beings are dying!!!! Take care everyone 🙏🏻

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