President Trump’s Positive COVID-19 Test: Dr. Oz Explains the Potential Impacts on Trump’s Health

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President Trump’s positive COVID-19 test will likely have personal ramifications. From the potential impact to campaigning, to what a positive diagnosis means for a 74-year-old man with his risk factors — here’s what you need to know.

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  • Carmencita Davis says:

    I know this topic is about Donald Trump and his wife but I was just wondering Dr Oz how is your mother doing is she getting any better

  • Kelle M says:

    This isn’t surprising. ✌🏼 stay healthy out there!

  • Cecilia Pradono says:

    get well mr president

  • Gary Laneve says:

    I think Donald Trump’s covid-19 bubble just got popped and to think all he had to do was get everybody to wear a mask from day one

    • David King says:

      Maybe you are correct, maybe you are not. Maybe we should all wear masks from now till eternity, that would end the common cold.

    • Emmy Rose says:

      Personally think it’s more helpful for flu season than Covid lol. I have like two coworkers who have caught it, now it’s done and gone. Everyone else who worked in the same department have not been sick at all.

  • adcinco 7 says:

    Another lie or a way to have compassion from idiots he does not mind? His brazilian puppet did the same and it has worked…

  • Teresa Rucker says:

    Praying for Healing & Restoration!🙏

  • Paul B says:

    He is NOT ill !!!!😡 He simply has the virus, and to what degree the symptoms will be, we just have to wait. Get all this hype into perspective.

  • Jonathan BLC says:

    Dude…. You said HCQ were useful!!!!!
    What now

  • RedCyanPhotos says:

    I’m sure they will pull through, look at us, our 🇬🇧 PM Boris was in intensive care & you’d never think now, he’s jogging daily & playing with his newborn son! He’s not the youngest or lightest weight fella either. Hope you’re all well & staying safe over there! Love from 🇬🇧

    • Josith13 says:

      I dispute whether he actually had it or just a ploy to hype up the UK population. It was followed by a weird pearl clutching worship of the NHS, along with that stupid clapping, which thankfully fizzled out. And here they are still fussing over it whilst it kills 10s a day (if I even believe those stats) vs hundreds to cancer, dementia and Alzheimer’s. Flu and pneumonia also above it. Where’s the coverage of the cancer pandemic?

    • donia rae-lee says:

      Wasn’t the president taking hydroxy chloroquine I don’t get it

    • Josith13 says:

      @donia rae-lee Well this is the sleight of hand with “X person *tests positive*
      Vs. “X person falls ill with covid”

  • Mia Ramirez says:


  • sharon cooper says:

    So glad Dr Oz is talking to us & proud of the person he is

  • Vanessa Lennox says:

    I hope they really consider wearing their masks

  • Sharon Rose says:

    Get well Mr President ❤

  • Gloria Young says:

    Doctor OZ U know what is up…May Our Heavenly Father Judge you accordingly by your works…

  • Wilma Burr Gooch The Fam says:

    He will be fine, he’s still working.

  • Linda Hines says:

    Dr OZ how is your mom doing??💜 hope she is good!

  • Dessirae Jones says:

    Weight has never been a factor in contacting or dying from COVID-19….. Always has been about health get real Dr Oz he is in great health for his age why don’t you report that! The facts!!!

  • andrewhardyviolinist says:

    More fear mongering, sponsored propaganda, ignorance, and total BS from the Wizard of OZ.
    And why are you so sure they even have the kovid-19; especially considering the enormous rates of false positives produced by a totally bogus test for which even the inventor has said that it is totally unreliable?

  • Yvonne Blake says:

    I bet they are telling lies to get votes!

  • Faith Kwaku says:

    “I don’t care, do u?” Melania Trump

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