President Trump Infected With Covid-19

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President Trump Infected With Covid-19

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  • TTV KARRI says:

    thats tuff

  • Gwendolyn James says:

    Let’s put our ❤️’s and prayers together as a nation and pray for our President.

    • The M Network says:

      Until he changes his heart and stops all this foolishness then God will hear. But what he has done was not right. making fun of Joe and Obama that is not of God. Where were the prayers when Trump was talking trash about Obama and Joe where were the prayers? You and your 7 likes pray but the only thing I am praying Lord to let your will be done. Ant no leader perfect. Every leader that we have had in that WH love America and have tried to do their best. But for the mess that Trump has done no Lord let your will be done.

    • Test You're I.Q. Hear says:

      04-10-20 — 11 months on
      Solomon Islands population 685,000
      1 “alleged” case

      Illegal travel restrictions Always have Exemption Approval,whether it be medical field/diplomatic/intelligencia/military
      There are NO mandatory hotel quarantine measures in all countries of Earth CORRECT
      Hence proof of international community interaction

      Dec2019 – 20-09-20

      0 covid cases

      0 covid deaths

      Vanuatu – population 300K
      Northern Territory Australia – population 240K
      Aboriginal Australian
      pregnant mum
      person under 20
      biosecurity sector/airline sector/public transport sector
      childcare employee/university employee,student
      ALL Australian school students (3,948,811 students enrolled in 9,503 schools)

      Homeless people.They can’t stay home. Most don’t wear masks; and their immune systems are poor.
      They’re not falling in the streets, stacking? If it was so dreadful, wouldn’t the number of homeless people be down to zero? Homeless are clear evidence.

      0 virus

  • Priscilla Limon says:

    Trump needs to share his treatments “LIVE” especially since he’s known for fraud/lying threw his teeth. Who’s to say this isn’t a “STUNT”. To influence/manipulate the people! “Stalling the debate”😆

  • S0lar Cs51 says:

    I heard

  • Caresa Cruz says:

    Don’t like him but I wish him a fast recovery

  • Dana Maupin says:

    Oh well, it is what it is!!!!

    • The M Network says:

      That is what he said it is what it is

    • Just Jen says:

      Yeah….it is what it is…unless a certain somwone with asthsma gets it right?? Then its a big deal…hypocrite

    • Dana Maupin says:

      @Just Jen , you also are aware that your president is the one who originally said”it is what it is” so what’s your point?? Does the 210,000 Americans that died not matter to you??

    • Just Jen says:

      @Dana Maupin saying “it is what it is” makes someone responsible for over $200,000 deaths??..that statement was ridiculous…noone could have done anything more than was done. Were it not for covid patients being placed into skilled nursing facilities ect than there would be alot less people that passed away…but I do not believe that many people have died of covid alone. Even the cdc has changed its stance on that…its care about people dying I dont care to point my finger n blame the president. U can sit around n snicker n cry all u like n insult the president. It wont bring the pwople back…so suck it up. Its a pandemic. If ur worried wear ur damn masks n stay ur asses at home

    • Ivan Valentine says:

      the virus is a lie and all the people died of old age or being fat..

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  • Pearl's Koffee says:

    No self isolation

  • Pearl's Koffee says:

    It’s a mild flu he says

  • Garage Therapy says:

    What ever happened to Hydroxychloroquine?

  • Daniele G. Lattanzi says:

    Doctor Oz tks for this video very informative. Question – in March 2020 you published a “Dr. Oz’s CoronaVirus Survival Protocol” – which had Zinc + Vit D + Vit C and Beta Glucan. Do you still advise that people to get Beta Glucan to help with Corona Virus and why in your opinion Beta Glucan does it help with that? Tks.

  • elis ConceConc says:

    I’m single 😥😥😥😥😥18:57

  • Vanessa Lennox says:

    He should show us documentation that proves his has COVID, then I might believe him when he says, “it’s not bad.” Also, will other individuals be treated the way he was? Will they be given the same medication to “pull through?” Also, there have been people who have died from COVID YOUNGER than him with no pre-existing health issues. How did they lose their battle? These are serious questions that we should be asking.

  • Chian Chiang says:

    Is dexamethasone the key drug to improve lung infection from COVID-19?

    • Split raven says:

      Good question I looked up the drug and the explanation may help below:
      Dexamethasone, a corticosteroid, is similar to a natural hormone produced by your adrenal glands. It often is used to replace this chemical when your body does not make enough of it. It relieves inflammation (swelling, heat, redness, and pain) and is used to treat certain forms of arthritis; skin, blood, kidney, eye, thyroid, and intestinal disorders (e.g., colitis); severe allergies; and asthma. Dexamethasone is also used to treat certain types of cancer.

  • Teresita Rojas says:

    Why don’t use Clorox Dioxide.????

  • Paula Kasabri says:

    You could do it Mr president 🙏❤️

  • Jan VanDerziel says:

    Your always with the mask, please, explain scientifically? I can smell perfume and food and those particles are bigger and that’s just a small part of the reason I don’t think they will help.

  • Bossy Bill says:

    At around 16:00 where Dr Oz suggests the Rose Garden gathering may have been where President Trump was infected…
    Looking at the seating arrangement, it seems ‘unlikely’ that was where it happened because of the in-betweens, seen in the seating arrangement, who were not infected.

    It seems that President Trump and most of those also infected, including Chris Christie, were meeting in the Map Room planning for the Debate. So I’d go with that, as to where he was infected.

    Not that it really matters, except as a matter of understanding where the protocol broke down or its weakness; And unless there’s a suggestion that the infection was malicious.

  • Эдвин Перес says:

    I believe they have a vaccine I think is a population control

  • EnnylYram Tollah says:

    I do not wish to see people sick. I hope and wish for their speedy recovery. Good health to you President Trump and to all your family.

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