President Trump Discusses With Dr. OZ the Easter Target Date

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President Trump Discusses With Dr. OZ the Easter Target Date

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  • Chocolate Drop Greenleaf says:

    You not going to have a business if this Coronavirus 19 keep spreading.

    • Xion D says:

      Yeah but shutting down the country for 4 months and doing nothing causes more damage. Instead of lowering the curve, you have to raise the middle line. China has proved shutting country down for 2 months causes suicide and other issues.

    • Jesus Magana says:

      There’s already a cure (chloroquine) so no need to worry

  • Brittany Bennett says:

    The question wasn’t answered

    • #Farmlands says:

      Yes it was. If Trump said the sky was blue, you’d say it wasn’t.

    • ste neary says:

      Irish man here big trump fan love him but hes had the first case of this since January and he has made 6-7 mistakes and poor America is on lock down now and getting worse if all governments done lock down straight away or like Korea and Japan made testing easy to flatten the curve we’d be ok better still the w.h.o and governments know about this since November why didn’t they stop all flights from china that its self would of stopped the spreading.

    • Brittany Bennett says:

      @#Farmlands you dont know me to make that assumption. I just heard him talk about the business aspect and dr oz asked about the health aspect of it

    • Brittany Bennett says:

      @ste neary you’re right. Hopefully he is right about the date and can back that up from a medical perspective

    • Fall Spring says:

      @ste neary Plus China could have done WAY more like stopping travel in and out of their country.

  • Desnickada says:

    I think the coronavirus kills more people than depression.
    And people sick with depression and with covi 19 can also die.

    • Tim Stein says:

      800000 died just from suicide last year. You think a virus that has killed 20k people over 4 months is worse than depression? LOL Math is hard.

  • Mya Cusimano says:

    How do you know were going to be ready? Still unanswered. Just because people want to go back to work doesnt mean we’ll be ready. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Boo Thang says:

    why was this even done lol

  • jjdvideo says:

    People have to understand. You pick a target date, but it is flexible as to when it’s determined that people are safe.

  • Big Smoke says:

    Türk gençlerine harika bir idolsünüz.size 4 yaşındayken mektup yazmıştım.türkiyede bir kahraman gibisiniz sayın doktor öz.sağlıklı kalın 👋❤️

  • justanotherfan18 says:

    How does depression answer the question? If people want to be out right now, go ahead go to church on Easter, and let’s see how quickly the virus spreads again. And maybe he will get the virus, and still be down playing it, and comparing it to the flu, or depression.

  • Q Q says:

    Mr trump , go negotiate with the viruses

  • Mel 123 says:

    The question wasn’t answered at all. God Bless Us All

  • Jason Capriotti says:

    Why weren’t the businesses closed up when swine flu was running rampant?

  • Janice Finlay says:

    Hope this dreadful man never gets elected again!!!! Money & business over the wellbeing/health of his people.
    He should be watching the news coming from Italy & Spain, it is heart breaking.

    • Julie Cramer says:

      Janice Finlay I would rather get the virus and die than to watch my country go down the tubes.

    • Steve Morris says:

      You’re obviously not a business owner. You’re not someone who has invested his life and treasure in a business. You’re not someone who has put people to work, paid wages to help support their families. Nearly 65% of the workforce is employed by small businesses. Trump has done more to help small business owners than ANY president in my lifetime. I would guess that you worship at the altar of Obama who did more harm to small businesses than ANY president in my lifetime. Not to mention the breathtaking crimes, the weaponization of the intelligence agencies, the IRS and the justice department to name a few. Another 4 years of an Obama like administration would destroy this country. Then what will you have to say? The ignorance and derangement of my fellow citizens like yourself frightens me far more than covid19.

    • Twin Mommy says:

      You need to do more research and better understand the variables at play. US mortality rate is way below other countries for good reasons. We are going to beat this thing and the economy will come roaring back. Trump’s policies are directionally correct, he is keeping his promises and this virus has only proven him right…about China, about borders, about bringing manufacturing back to the States. Pull your head out of your dark feely places and pay attention.

    • Lady Tate says:

      you are not thinking. think before you emote!

    • careaboutnature says:

      @Steve Morris Very obvious you tune into FAUX (FOX) News. You are just spitting out their misinformation and lies as well as Trumps.

  • 11STARFIRE says:

    **”Save the businesses and don’t worry about the people”**

    We can always get new people from Norway.

    • Stuart Pierce says:

      I care about people my husband job after July at a college might be over twenty years.
      We have a eleven yr old we don’t own our home so we would be homeless maybe!
      If you can’t eat live people are going to die. Maybe have people wear protective gear make it light weight.
      I don’t know if you need money to live you have to be allowed to work!!!! Jennifer 😊

  • Kevin Zonts says:

    Let’s hear the opinion of those who are losing their business or unemployed now, and won’t have a job to return to. The government can’t bail us out forever. For those in favor of shutting down the country longer, how long should it be? Are you prepared for massive unemployment, suffering, violence and homelessness? It could be you.

  • Cherry Misha says:

    **Two Actors**

  • Stay blessed says:

    If he stops re opens by Easter I’ll be pissed I rather stop this virus first and this coming from
    A business man

  • Timelessmusic Familymusic says:

    I just hope this becomes a learning listen for all of us. Cut your spending💳✂️, save more money💰🏦, determine your wants🛍 from your needs🛒, keep good track of your health💪, & wash your hands🤲 often. I wash my hands🙌 before I eat🥪, before & after using the bathroom🚽, then use a paper towel to open the door handle🚪. Don’t tell anyone this, but I even wash my hands🙌 after I shake someone’s hands🤝, too.😀👌

  • Pri USA says:

    How foolish and irresponsible this president is…. what a shame people elected him:(

  • Eric Thompson says:

    sounds like “let it play out” senario. Unfortunately, many of us have to die in that course. I can miss Easter dinner if it means extreme risk. covid19 is SARSver2. Tell us the truth.

  • H G says:

    Love dr oz’s expression as he listens 😂

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