Philly Teacher Stabbed 20 Times : Suicide or Murder? – Part 2

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Philly Teacher Stabbed 20 Times : Suicide or Murder? – Part 2

The controversial death of Ellen Greenberg has rattled minds for years after she was found stabbed 20 times inside her locked apartment, and her death labeled a suicide.

Today, Dr. Oz speaks to Ellen’s parents, Josh and Sandee, who believe their daughter was murdered, and for over eight years, have been fighting to change the medical examiner’s ruling and investigate her death as a “homicide.” They open up like never before about losing their daughter and the obstacles they’ve faced looking for the truth.

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  • Annie Mitchell says:

    No way! Who can stab
    their own self to that degree?

  • Wilma Burr Gooch The Fam says:

    Had To be murder

  • Linda Casey says:

    Were fingerprints/dna taken of the inside lock? Was there corroborating evidence that the boyfriend was where he said he was at the time of the incident? Could he have been angrily texting her from within the apartment to give himself an alibi after killing her? Was there a crawl space in the ceiling where someone could have hidden? How many potentially fatal stab wounds were there? Where was the knife found? If the last blow cut her spinal cord, the knife should have still been in her hand or fallen appropriately next to the body. Where was the second knife (if she reportedly killed herself). What were the direction of the knife wounds? Were her hands bloody? Was she standing in one place or running around the house while supposedly killing herself? Did the neighbors hear anything? Is there a diary? What was the last phone call she made, to whom and at what time? So many questions.

    • SUGAR XYLER !!! says:

      I knew a girl that wanted to kill herself this way and make it look like a murder because she was too embarrassed to let anyone know she was suicidal. I believe all the anxiety caused this girl to snap so yes I believe it was suicide

    • Linda Casey says:

      @SUGAR XYLER !!! The question remains, did she hit any other vital organs? The final blow would have to have been the one that severed her spinal cord and in that case, she would have dropped the knife. Was it laying beside her? Too many doubts raised.

    • SUGAR XYLER !!! says:

      Knives with blood on them are very slippery like car oil so with the final blow it could have launched out of her hand or possibly bounced off the counter top. There was no evidence of a struggle or defensive wounds and the coroner has no reason to hide anything.

    • Linda Casey says:

      @SUGAR XYLER !!! If I remember correctly, I believe they said the knife was lodged in her chest. She couldn’t have severed her spinal cord and THEN continued to stab herself any further. Well, obviously we don’t know all the facts, but it sure looks suspicious to me

    • SUGAR XYLER !!! says:

      There were 2 knives, she may have left that in her chest, the second to the last blow.

  • Johnson Family Vids & Vlogs says:

    Murder obviously

  • Catherine Rivera says:

    This is so sad why make the parents go threw this it’s obvious it’s a murder , so very sad change the matter of death to a homicide rip

  • Lori Guerrero says:

    Unbelievable! So sad & scary that the killer is still out there….no one is going to stab themselves, it’s too painful! What is wrong w/ the justice system in this case? This is so upsetting! Rest In Peace & I pray for her & her family that they receive justice!

    • SUGAR XYLER !!! says:

      Apparently you’ve never heard of hara-kiri/seppuku. People do kill themselves by stabbing as well as setting themselves on fire.People also kill themselves and make it look like murder for various reasons such as insurance and also avoiding the embarrassment of being suicidal due to the fact that they don’t want to upset relatives and friends knowing they took their own life. I actually knew a girl who wanted to kill herself this way so yes suicide is indeed possible

    • Lori Guerrero says:

      Gotcha….I lost my daughter to suicide so I get it

  • Cherry Miller says:


  • Cagney Walker says:

    I personally believe that ellen greenberg was murdered by her fiance before he went to the gym. The texts he was sending her were very angry based. Seems like he was mad at her even in the text messages after he killed her.

  • Hormiga78 says:

    Is there a part 3? Sounds like it

  • Q Co says:

    200 s and raft.

  • Q Co says:

    A crab for the KINGDOM and t

  • Emma B says:

    Clearly a homicide and I feel like authorities are too lazy to look into this.

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