Philly Teacher Stabbed 20 Times : Suicide or Murder? – Part 1

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Philly Teacher Stabbed 20 Times : Suicide or Murder? – Part 1

The controversial death of Ellen Greenberg has rattled minds for years after she was found stabbed 20 times inside her locked apartment, and her death labeled a suicide.

Today, Dr. Oz speaks to Ellen’s parents, Josh and Sandee, who believe their daughter was murdered, and for over eight years, have been fighting to change the medical examiner’s ruling and investigate her death as a “homicide.” They open up like never before about losing their daughter and the obstacles they’ve faced looking for the truth.

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  • Cagney Walker says:

    The fiance definitely murdered her! His text messages showed much anger!

  • Bevena Williams says:


  • Peaceful Mode says:

    20 timessssssssss

  • Sami Inaimi says:

    How does someone commit suicide stabbing themselves 20 times…

  • Christopher Liebler says:

    calling that suicide is beyond ridiculous

  • Melissa Ogg says:

    She was murdered

  • Sayrah Marie says:

    How is the fiancé not in jail?? This is literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen!

  • fragabellissima says:

    clearly murder. impossible way of commiting suicide.

  • Kerry Capps says:

    Crazy women be stabbing themselves in the head smh.

  • Linda Landry says:

    Probably killed her before he left to the gym?

  • Cynthia Valles says:

    Doesn’t take a forensic specialist to realize this woman was murdered 😞

    • TheDudeMan says:

      idk man if im thinking of suicide stabbing myself 20 times seems like the fastest way to go

    • SUGAR XYLER !!! says:

      I knew a girl long ago that wanted to kill herself this way and make it look like a murder because she didn’t want anyone to know she wanted to kill herself. She would be embarrassed to have suicide listed as cause of death. So yes, suicide is possible

  • idntnojp says:

    Her poor family..:(

  • Erica Bella Cannoli says:

    Cold blooded murder. This gorgeous women suffered at the hands of some monster still on the loose. So sad for the family. Praying for justice for them. ❤❤

  • Yvie Ndifor says:

    Even dummies can see that was homicide.

  • grey VANN says:

    Fiance+20 stabs=murderer

  • Kaizen Approach says:

    not the boyfriend huh? what a load. sometimes I ask myself if Dr Oz is actually a really stupid show. hmm. food for thought

    • Jess Carroll says:

      Kaizen Approach Dr.Oz is ridiculous. One week he will have a show dedicated to the benefits of Greek yogurt. The next week the show will be about the dangers of Greek yogurt. I get a real creep vibe from him.

  • Jess Carroll says:

    Am I the only one who hears. Dr.Oz slurring his words all the time? Wonder if its Xanny or booze

  • alyssa nowak says:

    Where’s the part he speaks with her parents??

  • Vitamin C says:

    First off who goes to any gym whether home or outside of the arm at 4 something in the morning and doesn’t take a key with the possibility that your significant other will be asleep. Then he comes home and she’s not answering the door but he forces door open.this is why its a lot of dumb people out here in high positions. He’ll kill again.

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