Paris Hilton Speaks Out

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he Hollywood icon joins me today and opens up about the alleged emotional abse she was subjected to at a boarding school she was sent to by her parents

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  • Phyllis Gallagher says:

    I feel bad for her or anyone who has a tape leaked it’s wrong and should never happen ! I also think that her parents were wrong for putting her in the school/prison ! I am proud of what she has become and who she is today !

  • Don Juan says:

    Paris get unfairly treated by media.

  • Erin Gomez says:

    I ain’t even rich like that but when I was sent to Private boarding school when we moved to Mexico that’s how we were treated. I got beaten so badly the nuns busted my ear drums.

  • arnela bih says:

    Thank you Paris for doing this your a brave woman.

  • Selma Alva says:

    She’s right! There’s so many places in California and other states as she has described that even the local police dept’s & social workers have used without their knowledge that this was going on in these horrible places! I am almost 60 years old and even though I have moved on and have a beautiful family & life, the horrific memories are still embedded in my mind. I pray for Paris Hilton & all who suffer the same or almost the same abuse at the hands of these places & abusers! 🙏🏼

  • بنت ابوها says:

    Thats really traumatic and awful to go through

  • Ang H says:

    Some of you are just talking about how spoiled she was. Did you watch the same video or stop it halfway through? She is telling her story to bring awareness and make changes in an industry that’s abusing kids!!! Even if she was a spoiled brat does not mean she deserved to be abused and traumatized as a child.

  • Cynthia Hamil says:

    Wow, what a horrible experience to go through. I’m sorry this happened to you. Thank you for having the courage to tell your story. Your ability to use your platform and voice to speak out on this may save a lot of other children from going through something this traumatic. Thank you for speaking out on this.

  • Soniayvette81 says:

    Clearly Paris was a spoiled kid BUT what they did to her was so wrong in so many ways. And she wasn’t the only one that it happened too

  • tvbabay says:

    Ok, why do they never say who the kidnappers were? Where did they take her? Who put them up to this? The story glosses over all these points. So vague.

  • Stephanie Calhoun says:

    bless her heart. she is very brave to share her story. it is very sad that she made up this character.


    She Is Amazing!! Brave and I glad she let the World know who she Really Is!

  • Sherry Corless says:

    Is anyone wondering why or how her parents let two men come into there home and take there daughter in the middle of the night as if she were being kidnapped????? This is F’d up!

    • kathleen smith says:

      Totally FC up!!!

    • Julie Sprik says:

      That’s pretty bizarre, was it a rehab or was this done because she was out of control? To be honest, I’m not sure I believe her.I’m not saying she IS lying,I am just not sure.She’s engaged in a lot of attention getting behavior and she was pretty spoiled.

    • Beth Elle says:

      Her parents committed child abuse by letting her be taken out of the house in that manner. It was also abuse for Nicki to have to witness it.
      There must be better ways to change destructive behavior of children.
      How much are her parents to blame for the lifestyle that they were trying to break her of?
      I knew someone that sent her son to one of those rehab camps. Big mistake. He wanted to kill himself and ended up on heavy meds afterwards…..
      Those places should be outlawed!

    • Dee Dee says:

      Sherry Corless thank you, I mean wtf this is messed up! It’s a big lie . She is just trying to get back into the limelight. She needs therapy !

  • Janelle Silbs says:

    Holy is she aging more beautiful…money buys beauty but she has alot of natural beauty..i believe Paris is a good person and helps people who have less. Her sister is wrong about trauma…your mind never forgets either.

  • Semper Fide'lisa' says:

    How as a parent could they treat her like that? Saving her?? Unbelievable!!😔that’s really sick….its no wonder she acted out after.. people are so quick to judge what they don’t see 💔

  • Love Mimi says:

    I don’t believe this one bit at all

    • Lisa Thompson says:

      Exactly! Why didn’t she write about this in any of her books? She also stated in interviews with Nicole Richie many times that she dropped out of high school while Nicole graduated. They went to the same High School so when did she go to boarding school?

  • Jane Doe says:

    She’s a grown up how about the poor children being trafficked. Give them some time and help.

  • Larita Mathis says:

    I don’t understand how any parent could allow their child to be removed in this manner from their bed and taken to such a terrible institution. It’s so sad. 😢

  • Sheri Taylor says:

    This mother is pathetic. She’s unaware? What kind of Mother would allow their child to be taken out of her bed in the middle of the night in this traumatic manner? Getting help shouldn’t hurt. 😒😔😪

  • Korean Accord 한국 평화 says:

    Pro tip: Her sister doesn’t know the definition of trauma. If anything…. she’s got it backwards.

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