Oz Talk: Jordan Peterson’s Rules to Live By

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

In this exclusive, in-depth interview, author and clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson joins Dr. Oz to discuss how we can find meaning in our lives, challenge our thinking, and provide tactical ways we can reach our full potential.

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  • K West says:

    Kudos to Dr. Oz who treated Dr. Peterson so honorably; allowed him to speak without interruption, asked questions that deepened the discussion and seemed to be aiming at a greater understanding of the message. This was such a pleasant surprise to have Dr. Peterson’s ideas treated with such respect. I really hope that this effectively reaches an audience that either has never heard of his ideas or has been influenced by the media spin-machine. What a great video.

    • John Hanks says:

      The best way to look at ideas is with knowledge and common sense.  I can fake respect for those who desperately need it.  But, with my friends, respect is the farthest thing from our  minds.  It interrupts lively conversations.  We insult each other for fun.  Respect like respectability is like a prison especially for insecure women.

    • Mr Jones says:

      Intellectuals appreciate intellectuals.

    • Matt Smith says:

      It helps when the interviewer is a doctor himself with an orientation towards integrative medicine which is now a specialty in most medical schools. Most people who interview Jordan lack academic credentials outside of the humanities.

    • GnuReligion says:

      Yes, this is my favorite Peterson interview. Dr Oz gets Peterson and helps him articulate difficult ideas.

  • Scrambled Greg says:

    Dr Oz, not sure if you will ever see this, but I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your genuine interest and respect for Dr Peterson. It’s so refreshing from someone who is associated more with mainstream media and traditional talk shows.

    If I do say so myself, your interview with Peterson is exemplary. I hope it inspires others of your ilk to take more time to listen to thinkers that don’t fit into a box.

    Far too many people judge Dr Peterson without giving him an opportunity to explain his ideas, work, and motivations. And it’s a real tragedy I think… I have personally benefited profoundly from Dr Peterson’s work. Financially, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

    I sincerely hope that your talk with Dr Peterson encourages those who are not familiar with Peterson to explore his ideas more seriously.

  • Embarrassing Mom says:

    Female that graduated in Womens Studies here… Dr. Peterson changed my life and made me see that living like a victim is the most disempowrring thing a person could do. I take responsibility for all of my life now.

  • Rebekah רבקה says:

    So sick of hearing Peterson’s audience is men. Umm 👋🏻 hello. Big fan! Woman here. I know I’m not alone because a female friend introduced me to Peterson!!! We are here too. Lol 😝

  • nabil esmail says:

    Jordan Peterson is a great man and its the worse feeling to see great men villanized to meet political agendas.

  • James Carver says:

    This is truly one of the BEST interviews I’ve EVER listened to, period. Both, highly intelligent, well-articulated individuals built upon each other’s statements to flush out some serious insights & knowledge for all to consider & incorporate into their future lives.

    • MrPippinsays says:

      I just listened to the one with John Anderson and Dave Rubin in Australia recently. Phenomenal, check it out (it’s new)

    • Matt Smith says:

      It helps when the interviewer is a doctor himself with an orientation towards integrative medicine which is now a specialty in most medical schools. Most people who interview Jordan lack academic credentials outside of the humanities.

  • Nicole Brown says:

    Wow I can finally hear Peterson talk without someone yelling or disagreeing with him. FINALLY

  • Shelley King says:

    If anyone thinks he is racist, then they may be stuck in their past anger, or may be limited in their ability to grasp the message at it’s core. This is sad, but age and experience will help them understand.

  • Mike Maxwell says:

    “It is as bad as you think it is, but you’re more than you think you are.”

    Jordan Peterson

    • Janjão Jonata says:

      Thank you

    • Mister Jay says:

      Ok let me add to that. Not to what he said (i honestly get why youd worship him)

      Hes not wrong at all and i listen to all his words but the only thing I can say is” he who is slow to anger is stronger than the mighty”

      Just dont use his words to have some hate rave or some stuff please he has alot of wise words

      Hey sir, mr peterson what bible do you read?

    • Never Settle says:

      @Mister Jay Are you a Trump supporter???
      What’s wrong with you??

  • The Bloodfarm says:

    Did anyone notice the lobster necktie? 🙂

  • Eric Jensen says:

    I have changed my opinion of Dr. Oz. He was clearly prepared for this interview and had given a great amount of thought to his questions. Thanks, Doc.


    He’s so brilliant, it’s a breath of fresh air. I was on the pinnacle of my life spiraling out of control before I started listening to Dr. Peterson over a year ago. These are the kinds of people that everyone should cherish and look up to, not some rapper or Kardashian.

  • cristybello says:

    The amazing thing is that he shares with the world in a couple of minutes what took him 30 years to realize!!! Isnt Jordan a must for humanity these days? Yet he is SO humble! Jordan you DESERVE all the good things that are going on in your life! You deserve it all! You give us so much! Im so happy and grateful you exist! Thank you!

  • Jesse Eley says:

    “You’re not even close to ok the way you are. You haven’t even started” love it. Parents pandering to their kids. Not healthy. Kids self-esteem doesn’t come from blowing smoke, it comes from challenging themselves and becoming more. Love it

    • Ben Stanfill says:

      My parents divorced when I was 4, my dad and step mom were very strict and gave me lots of responsibility, but held themselves to the same standard which meant apologizing when they were wrong. At my mom’s house, there were practically no rules, but with that my mom never apologized. After a fallout with my dad and step mom, I lived with my mom for 3 years. After about 2 years I missed the structure and responsibility that my dad and step mom had implemented. Kids really do need it.

    • Stephanie Allred says:

      Thank you. Sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy in the trenches with three kids, because I don’t see it my job to make them happy, but to make them GOOD. Doing that is a war, day in day out. But it’s worth it.

    • Scott Fernie says:

      @Stephanie Allred Dig in Stephanie. I told my kids (many years ago, they’re all adults) that if we could be friends that would be a bonus. My job as their Dad is WAY more important than being their friend. You’re not here to entertain them, they have imagination….

  • Zeljka says:

    I can listen to Dr. Peterson all day long… Amazing person! Thank you for everything you do! God bless you <3

    • Hunter Chance says:

      ​@John Hanks You sound awfully egotistic and condescending in your previous comments describing how elevated your subconscious is and how you’re too wise to accept anything without skepticism. You also seem to brag about how you’re self-educated (egotistical) however, you can’t seem to form logical sentences or use the correct form of egotistic at times and almost all of your sentences are full of redundant insults. All in all I would say you did a great job making yourself look like a fool while trying to belittle people who are independent enough to avoid leftist indoctrination.

    • Tony Silva says:

      @John Hanks certainly Jordan Peterson doesn’t get to the bottom of this Matrix and how it operates but neither are you oh, there really is no difference between you and Jordan Peterson you both avoid the ultimate source of misery on the planet oh, perhaps it is from a lack of knowledge so therefore it is on a mission due to ignorance. Your statement suggests that Jordan Peterson is not concerned with nor does he value nurturing of children oh, did he suggest this anywhere in his talks or are you selective listening and then focusing on those specific statements to try to make a point? And while we are on the subject of making a point, you made no point, you didn’t reference your statements to anything specific that was said or presume to be suggested, Therefore your statement left complete coherence, as we have no idea where these opinions come from, there is no point of reference for which we can find meaning and that which you have attempted to express, perhaps you can start from scratch with an initial thought and then elaborate on that thought and then supported with evidence, as one would in a basic paper you would submit to a professor.

    • Tony Silva says:

      @John Hanks you just say what you think without having to support it with evidence shows that you have lack of personal accountability for the things that you say and the opinions you put forth it is irrelevant whether this is a conversation or not oh, it is rather that which you are projecting that is of such significance here. Your whole argument revolves around egotism but the end of the day the eagle is an important flight or fight mechanism which has a useful utility from time to time oh, you focused on the ego but you didn’t elaborate on those aspects of his presumed ego that you take issue with. Now if your focus was on Jordan Peterson is oversimplifying that which ales most of society then I might agree especially if you made a strong argument around that with good evidence for which there is but because you haven’t listened to him enough you have not been able to spot the various all important issues that he should be talking about but isn’t that reflects more deeper root problems with Society rather than doubling mostly within the symptoms of what’s wrong with Society, which is something that Jordan Peterson does directly and indirectly. For innocence he tells people to clean their room, and while that is a very important discipline what does it matter if you’re living in a world that is facilitated in such a way that is ever elevating the state of misery amongst all societies oh, primarily through the monopolization over the economy and the money supply, in fact those are the very two components that are used, in general terms, to derive the misery index. Does Jordan Peterson focus on this route cause of misery within Society,? No he does not, why? Because Jordan Peterson benefits from his own position within a smaller pyramid of Monopoly, the academic so-called education system, how does he benefit? Taxpayer subsidies, the elimination of competition which bids up prices and prevents others from competing, some of these instruments are unions and outright influence of government policies to make certain that regulations are so prohibitive to anyone attempting to compete in the education industry. Some understand that when you allow competition prices go down in quality products and services go up. Yet you were unable to illustrate the Jordan Peterson isn’t exactly what people make him out to be.

    • John Hanks says:

      The source of so much misery: Insecurity about imaginary things that are not real, with no common sense about it.  An insecure life for so many men especially.  Basically egotistic and authoritarian assholes like Trump. How about you.  By dumb luck I have unaware common sense about this just like your unaware word is different,  That’s; why you are so upset about me, so far away.  You don’t know me at all.  So I am imaginary.  These insecurities are passed on from fathers to sons and that’s why their  are holy fathers in cults for the insecure. without common sense about it.  By the way, we do live in an unaware dream world most of the time.

    • heavydny86 says:

      @John Hanks
      On a scale of ‘very autistic’ to ‘extremely autistic’, about how autistic would you say you are?

  • Paul Kimber says:

    After 25 years of Learning and loving the word of God, I stand gobsmacked at the realisation that I am hearing a psychologist speak scriptural truth after truth. Hallelujah. As I’ve struggled 60 years in this world, as a Carpenter, to be responsible, I strongly believe that giving god the glory has made me responsible and given me contentment. Great discussion. I love you both.

  • D. Robbins says:

    It must have been intensely REFRESHING for Dr. Peterson, for once, to be interviewed in a non-confrontational way.

  • Chadwick Boggs says:

    Okay, so possibly the most important video in the history of YouTube. I don’t know, but video is stupendous.

  • Kupus says:

    14:02 fly falls onto dr. Petersons head
    16:28 fly leaves due to the motion of the head

    total time fly spent on dr. Petersons head: 2min 26s

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