Outrageous Signs My Loved One Was Sending From Heaven

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Outrageous Signs My Loved One Was Sending From Heaven

Dr. Oz shares the unique stories sent in from viewers that describe shocking messages they claim to have received from departed family members. One woman opens up about the ongoing signs she receives from her son, who passed away three years ago.

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  • Oum widad TV أم وداد TV says:


  • sharpest shed tool says:

    ⭐️My beloved son and nephew send us signs from Heaven ✨

  • Katherine says:

    I do believe in these things. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Teresa Currie says:

    That same thing happened to me. My GPS took me to a road then stopped I looked up and it was my sons name on the street sign. I just laughed and laughed. I know he is with me. My GPS actually stopped working.

  • Hollins23 says:

    I believe in these signs! Many have happened to me – things that were too big to be a coincidence. I’m so glad that Dr.Oz did this show, and that he’s listening with an open mind.

  • LA Kierstead says:

    I do believe in the other side and have seen miracles performed. I love this segment because I pray thankfulness every day and night. I dont know what angel or Angel’s follow me, but I thank them for taking care of me. I have never lost a child, but I think that particular bond is as strong as concrete. To those who have lost children, look….they are there watching us, taking care of us, missing us. But dont worry. They are safe and one day you will be reunited and be together for eternity.

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