NYC Hospital Has 13 COVID-19 Deaths in One Day

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NYC Hospital Has 13 COVID 19 Deaths in One Day

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  • leticia hernandez says:

    Why are they making up stuff that don’t even exist

  • travellady68 says:

    we lost 2 cousins in 7 days husband and wife in Queens ny. Their kids are so devastated

  • Nisa Carla Smith says:


  • TN Mike says:

    Damn It if they will start giving the HydroxyChloroquine Cocktail like they said they would; things will greatly improve

  • kimi negn says:

    🙏pls God help your people

  • Omar Jones says:

    5g give you flu like symptom which lead you to the hospital… So “professionals” can tell you you have COVID-19.. And you gonna be so scared you’ll do anything for the vaccine.. They give it to you.. You go home and spread the mess because COVID-19 is Contagious.. 5g isn’t..boom you go home and give it to your love ones… If crazy how common folk are dying but celebrities are still posting on instagram and making video.. TRUST NO ONE..SELF MEDICATE AND STAY AWAY FROM HOSPITALS!!!

  • Doug D says:

    Can we see Dr. Oz get a flu shot?

  • billy maroko says:

    Am in Kenya and am shocked.

  • jtcouch says:

    Dr Oz, you brought us news of several patients who received a successful treatment protocol. On two separate days. Actual interviews with patients saved from death. the today — nothing. Who is intimidating you to drop this interviewing process of saved patients? I understand if you are afraid. The question is — why?

  • jtcouch says:

    The truth regarding a successful treatment protocol is being suppressed it would seem. The MSM is squelching the truth and people are dying.

  • jenni stines says:

    It doesn’t LOOK apocalyptic

  • tracey marshall says:

    Dublin had this 2 days ago and our whole country is only 4.8million

  • lebogang baloyi says:

    I don’t even know why I’m still subscribed. Something is off here

  • jd8524 says:

    Folks it call “right to try”. The malaria drug HQC with zpac has been proven to help people with the virus fully recover. So if someone had the virus why on God’s earth aren’t the doctors prescribing it?

  • Brian says:

    Oz, I’m no doctor but can the drive through testing sites be one way how the infection is spreading? Having the same nurses out there testing each car that passes

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