Nurses Tell It Like It Is On The Front Lines – Part 1

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Nurses Tell It Like It Is On The Front Lines – Part 1

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  • Strictly Educational Magick says:


  • Chris Shupe - Be Free says:

    More and more people are recognizing this is a scam. The “millions of people” projected to die by the CDC and WHO have not materialized. Only the normal number of deaths from flu and pneumonia in any normal year. But for some reason the deaths from flu and pneumonia have gone down to near zero and been replaced by so called Covid19 deaths.

    In totally unrelated news, hospitals are being paid $9000 more per patient by Medicare if they diagnose them with Covid19 rather than flu or pneumonia and $30,000 more if they put them on respirators.

    • barry Carey says:

      Yup a virus is a scam! Well done , next you’ll be saying it’s political and has right to vote! So you are disappointed the CDC and WHO approximations didn’t happen, so that means you wanted more ppl to die to make your point…..whatever your point is! Very smart on your part!

    • Engine2Truck6 says:

      The unconstitutional house arrest of every person and business (except big corporations) and the push to have the government dictate all aspects of medicine is the scam, lady. All for a virus less deadly than flu and easily treated with HCQ.

  • Maribeth Van Duyne says:

    What a Touching Video!! Thank You Dr Oz!!😷🏠🦠

  • Joan Strine says:

    I don’t want commercials I want information! I will make sure I don’t purchase commercial products!

  • Joan Strine says:

    Sending Love and Prayers to you

  • Joan Strine says:

    You are an Angle

  • Gail Fitches says:

    You can tell this is a very caring nurse. Are they given hydroxychloroquine, Antibiotics, and Zinc? I want to know what they are actually doing to help these people. If they put a person on a Bipap, are they putting them on the head space suit mask, so it does not dig into their face like the ones that do not fit right? Bipap should be used before intubating them. Some nurses that have gone to New York are crying because of the way they are not being cared for.

  • devilsabdicate1 says:

    Have these nurses permitted people to die for the sake of making the hospital money…. what I have see and heard many are, especially in new york.

  • Germangirl says:

    What about the nurses and doctors that speak out on YouTube and constantly get deleted how patients are being treated incorrectly that leads to their demise how about that Mr.Oz .I call you Mr.cause to me you are NOT A DR.I DONT CARE WHERE UOI GOT YOUR DEGREE FROM.SHAME ON YOU

  • motzartiana says:

    Great people but too emotional for their job ! Esp since most people die at home and in nursing homes because the med profession wants to wait for a vaccine or trials on meds that are proven in other parts of the world !! What kind of deficients or diabolical people are we producing in this country ? Kill the country with ignorance , dictatorship and ineptitude !!!!


    I do not wish harm to anybody but if you are compromised you make the call rather to go out or not, the rest of us have work to do.
    Also please listen to the doctors, the ventilators are causing damage to the lungs that are already damaged.
    Also don’t forget twice as many people have died from pneumonia then from Covid-19 in 2020

  • Engine2Truck6 says:

    Just make sure that you are ok with all your life savings and hard work going down the drain for no reason as you business is destroyed by King Nipple Rings Cuomo

  • Cathy Benyard says:

    God Bless you all.

  • Daniel Steed says:

    Nobody cares about 55-year-old Gladys who works at your local grocery store. She earns minimum wage, doesn’t have infectious disease training nor proper personal protective equipment, and comes into contact with potentially hundreds of undiagnosed cases each day. Everyone reading this comment is elitist. Next time you visit your grocery store, at least be honest and tell her how little respect you have for her.

  • Al Caselli HW says:

    the most important bravest people on earth there are not enough words in the English vocabulary thank all of them

  • Tina Columbia says:

    Yes thank you. Why do so many people not care like those fools in Colorado who went to some restraint. You should be able to turn them away!!! Our president needs to man up and set his followers straight but that probably won’t happen. God Bless you All

  • Stephanie Burns says:

    Obvious question. Did these patients get hydroxychloroquine & z-pack or not? We really need to know.

  • Ryback TV says:

    They gotta love what they do or they wouldn’t be doing it.

  • Elizabeth Hester says:

    I only go out for grocery store and doctors appointments.

  • jane ferbezar says:

    Do you realize what you are doing to us people who have heart problems. I have two choices, one go to the emergency and get the virus or stay home and have a heart attack, I don’t like either choice. I had 2 heart attacks last year (may 10th and 11th) I admit I’m in pain but it will go away one way or another. Just be careful.

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