Nurses Tell It Like It Is On The Front Line – Part 2

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Nurses Tell It Like It Is On The Front Line – Part 2

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  • Mama Tara says:

    Shame on you OZ!! You’re a total sell out and we all know.

  • jaber albasri says:

    Medical satan .

  • Smooth J says:


  • Vilayvan Thipsouvan says:


  • Kitty says:

    Is it just me or does Dr Oz look a little bit like count Dracula?

  • Vilayvan Thipsouvan says:

    My cousin Bobby Pathoumnourack married my other cousin Noy from Laos. It should be in the marriage records.

    • Vilayvan Thipsouvan says:

      I really need someone to step in and help. Vilayvone told the Dr. at the mental home that she thinks that our father Singphet Thipsouvan might have Dementia. This was her trying to explain his behavior I have on video. Our uncle Thee did something bad, you can contact the Draper police to verify that.

  • Stephanie Williams says:

    Thank you for what they do. Some are cut out for that some just want a paycheck, but God Bless them all

  • Lydia Kinnaman says:

    Your so right, it’s a risk just like police, firefighters, military Heroes.

  • Gil167bxny Rodriguez says:

    Real talk πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Abraham Corona says:

    I have neutral opinions, eventually as time goes on we will learn more if this is true or false. It won’t hurt to take precautions and wear a mask. I do want America to open up again before our country is no more. I sure don’t want to get coronavirus but as a nurse I have already been exposed at work.

  • Susan S. says:

    Nurses are the best.

  • Margaret Gonzalez says:

    God bless

  • Gail Fitches says:

    I heard there are nurses in New York really trying to save lives, but then the next nurse may do things that actually harm the patient. That is what I have heard from nurses that have gone over there.

  • Lewis Doherty says:

    The people who won’t take measures remind me of that famous set of scenes in GONE WITH THE WIND when clueless Scarlet O’Hara goes down to get the doctor for birthing a baby only to find out what an overwhelmed medical system looks like and the consequences of it:

  • Android ASH says:

    I been in the hospital many times Due to a medical problem I seen many nurses joking around talking and not doing there job .
    So stop kissing there a$$ They knew the risk that a pandemic could happen.

  • Android ASH says:

    This nurse is gay

  • Android ASH says:

    Where a mask you People have the best one’s !!!!!!!!!

  • Ryback TV says:

    So many great people.

  • jon Farias says:

    Crying on this one u are a hero kid thanks stay safe u and everyone

  • slyr1 says:


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