New Jersey Man Arrested After Hosting 47 Person ’Corona Party’

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New Jersey Man Arrested After Hosting 47 Person ’Corona Party’

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  • John Hughes says:

    As Forrest Gump so wisely stated, “STUPID IS AS STUPID DOSE”!

  • Tremayne Henry says:

    Damn … Did they really call it a Corona Party??? WOW 😒

  • Amanda Fevrier says:

    WOW 👀

  • Christina says:

    Wow! Let’s see people are trying to keep their distance and follow guidelines. This person should be charge with a crime for indirectly causing harm to another human. How many people will get infected with this person lack of care for our society.

    • Constance Reynolds says:

      Those “PEOPLE” were not held at gunpoint or their lives threatened if they didn’t attend that party. They chose to show their ignorance.

  • Mya Taveras says:

    Who is dumb enough to do that like come on😒😑

  • frank p says:

    This is why we won’t beat this, stupidity

  • Bubbly Bernice says:

    Wow! No comment!

  • Te Ya says:

    not the time to party☹️

  • Mark Yaske says:

    Use tear gas to disperse crowds.

  • Blessings Of Paradise says:

    Well👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 done,🙏🕊🛐 *AMEN* 🙏🕊🛐

  • Kimberly Howard says:

    What a idiot, why would he throw a party like that SMH,

  • kilroy987 says:

    Well duh, ya think? And then, 470 people get infected, 5 people die, congrats. Oh, and then there’s the people that those 470 infect.

  • Ewan Family says:

    Gave up our freedom for health and safety.😩

  • BossMan says:

    He’s not the only stupid one if people went they should of been given a fine to they no better to

  • Murphys Law says:

    Don’t take them to jail, FINE them ALL $1,000 each, and then 30 days in jail if not paid.

  • La Quita McCullough says:

    Why can’t these people get it!! We are the Human Fuel that spreads this pandemic!!! After 24 hrs without another host. It dies So let’s kill it stay 6-8 ft away. From others. Wash your hands Don’t touch your Face!!

  • Drew says:

    Don’t forget to shame the idiots name

    Wade Jackson

  • kisses 03 says:

    No wonder why US has the most highest number in COVID-19…if that guy lives in the Philippines 1 community would slap his face in one time… 🦇🐀🌏

  • Pinkie Love says:

    saw a party in az , masks were part of the party… everyone had one on… everyone was dancing ,,

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