Natural Cures for Carb Cravings – Best Weight-Loss Videos

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  • Daily Dose of Medicine says:

    How to break carb cravings🙏

    Cut out all starchy carbs for one week.
    Slash the sugary carbs too, including candy and sugar-sweetened beverages.
    Add some fat.
    After the first week, you can gradually add back high-quality starchy carbs, starting with breakfast👍

  • LILBOY 911 says:

    Carbs are good.Eat more.Dont be shy eat some more.

  • x12 417 says:

    Oz you know nothing about medicine

  • Chandana Liyanage says:

    Is this an advertisement,,, ???

  • Leonidas says:

    Carbs are carbs, you can’t reduce that much of calories, only rice and potatoes have the lowest carbs ratio, that’s why Asian and East European are skinny, one eats daily rice other ones eat popatoes daily.

  • Michael Roberts says:


  • Charlene G says:

    Weight loss weight loss weight loss. What about weight GAIN?!

  • Stay Petillant says:

    Sweet well needed!!

  • Ariana Reeder says:

    doctor: “you have 5 minutes and 36 seconds left to live”


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