My Anxiety Over The Virus And Isolation Are Causing Depression What Can I Do?

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My Anxiety Over The Virus And Isolation Are Causing Depression What Can I Do?

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  • Suzanne Schulz says:

    I’ve lost my mind

  • Logan says:

    wanna be friends?

  • Mario Antonio Crespo says:

    I ride my all time! I ride my bike 20 miles everyday 🚲 I have a Severe form of ADHD 👌🏽

  • Keto Solution says:

    I hear this message loud and clear. I’m trying to channel that anxiety into something constructive.

  • jmack619 says:

    what you could do is ..GET A GRIP! this is a character builder for these generations. Suck it up, Going to create a strong generation, if you don’t lean on drugs and alcohol.

  • Mario Antonio Crespo says:

    1.. I’m very impulsive 2. I can’t sit still 3. I have lots of energy 4. I can’t focus 5. I spend my money by impulsive 6. I switch topics all time in conversations 7. Im very impatient 8. I can’t concentrate 9. I say things without thinking 10. I make careless mistakes all time 11. I say rude things all time 12. Lose things all time. I’m 100 % certain I have adhd it’s happened everyday

  • Shirley Fretty says:

    I’m certainly experiencing this to the highest!!!!

  • Allen Ellsworth says:

    She couldn’t be my therapist…. I’d fall in love with her too hard. Hey Yo! Hehe

  • tmc che says:

    Dr Oz,
    what are the results of the survey of lupus and rheumatoid arthritis patients becoming infected by covid19?

  • Micheline Kairouz says:

    Thankyou this helped 🙏

  • H DB says:

    This doctor looks more anxious than Dr. Oz.

  • Salma Nwaz-MGP128 says:

    I would like tk share an ultimate remedy …thats a theapy nd its proving helpful for not only anxity infact covid19 ptients are recovering with this therapy …eveyone can do it by cleaning their herts from all sort of negativity nd forgiving everyone….download or get it free from

  • Eric Inostroza says:

    Try CBD I know an awesome company Aspire Organix ! They’re products have helped my extreme depression and anxiety issues.

  • Germangirl says:

    I know what you can do to stop listening to people like dr. Oz that will help you for your depression

  • Säf says:

    My mental health going down down down downity

  • Nick Lengyel says:

    I’m starting too feel horrible myself.

  • Pat Mandolla says:

    I am not trying to downplay this virus but I think the media is playing this to the hilt this virus is probably very deadly to people who have emphysema lung cancer diabetes overweight unhealthy people they should not shut the economy down they should just make these people stay home. Too many people who are healthy have lost their homes from this economy being shut down. In 2008 they had a virus that killed many people and they did not shut the country’s economy down tell me what’s the difference

  • Jeannie Townsend says:

    I was depressed before all of this and this stupid pandemic makes you feel like you’ve lost sooooo much good that you had in your life. Very sad!! 😥 my coping mechanisms are not well. But I am trying.

  • Ryback TV says:

    Always have stuff to do around the house.

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