Mom Gone Missing : Runaway Or Murder Victim?

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Mom Gone Missing : Runaway Or Murder Victim?

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  • Christy Woods says:

    This is so sad…I thought the days Of Waiting so long ti look for the Missing was Long Gone because of HOW EVERYONE KNOWS NOW,ESPECIALLY LAW ENFORCEMENT THAT THE FIRST 48 HOURS IS THE MOST CRUCIAL OF THE CASE!This Police Deodorant really f’n dropped the Ball On this One and should Most definitely be Sued,and Lose!

  • Linda Brawley says:

    It really ticks me off how our besutiful Native Americans are treated.This is so wrong and downright evil. It’s long over due to start RESPECTING them, NOT ONE RACE IS ANY BETTER THAN THE REST.
    I am so sorry for this family and my prayer is that our LORD AND SAVIOR WILL CONTINUE TO HEAL THEIR BROKEN HEARTS.

  • DeShan says:

    I would have sued that police station, sad they being lazy and don’t want to do their Dame Job. Family had to do it for them

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