Moderna Vaccine Almost 95% Effective

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  • gold star says:

    🙏 president trump

  • Fran Cesca says:

    This is great news….Hope it doesn’t have side effects…

  • Marco says:

    Moderna vaccine is GMO, very dangerous!

  • Bridget George says:

    I won’t be taking that evil vaccine! The fact that the pharma companies have immunity from being sued if you die, become sterile or deformed, etc makes me know there a problem. Rushing to inject everyone. …. Makes me sick.

  • Ildiko Molnar says:

    Thank you For Vaccine President Trump!! Thank you. Everybody talks about vaccines, forgetting who thanks this is possible. President Trump and vice-president Mike Pence. Shame on everybody who does not mention this.

  • Charlotte Scott says:

    Sorry don’t belive you

  • DaBlackStar says:

    Here comes the I Am Legend Zombies

  • Ann Wigmore Institute says:

    The herd will be vaccinated

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