Microwave Disasters Caught On Tape!

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Microwave Disasters Caught On Tape!

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  • Son Goku Ultra Instinct says:

    I will never use a microwave, Living without it my whole life 💪

  • Nordia Simpson says:

    Microwave is a new fair for me recently I’ve been scared of my microwave I stay far and mind you I’ve never seen a microwave exploded until now watching this so now this makes me wanna stop using mine

  • Will Chill says:

    I thought we’re talkin about coronavirus

  • Maria says:

    Microwave=5G Very smart

  • Keto Solution says:

    I would help to not put stuff in that doesn’t belong!

  • Pinkwildchild says:

    Almost everything he showed seemed to have been staged why else would they have been recording

  • ExtraFortni says:

    loved it

  • happy 1 says:

    My kids get home from school a few minutes before me so when I walked into the kitchen I noticed that the microwave was on…fine…NOT!
    Suddenly thick black smoke was coming from the microwave! I quickly run to open up that door and I couldn’t breathe at all! I seriously couldn’t even take one breath to hold it in but some how I managed to turn off the microwave and open the back door and kitchen window.
    After getting fresh air in the kitchen and when I was able to breathe and examine what was in the microwave I found a solid black lump of some mystery item.
    I yelled for my kids to get in the kitchen and asked them “what the heck was cooking in the microwave?” It was that shrinky dink product which is supposed to be baked in the regular oven, not a microwave oven.
    That plasticky product created the most breathtaking small puff of black smoke ever!
    Thank goodness I walked in door when I did!
    Love you DR. OZ…especially now during the time of Covid-19…you are a blessing to this country.
    Now I know why my mother had always watched your show on a regular basis!
    God Bless You and your family as well!
    Watching from WI


    🥺🥺🥺🥺Common sense anyone??

  • mistyaaa says:

    I only use it to reheat food. I don’t cook anything in it.

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