Meals For Nurses

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Meals For Nurses

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  • Cee Seagrams says:

    You wanted the children to go back to school and bite the bullet… a free lunch ain’t gonna do it. You’re done.

  • mariatu Fofanah says:

    Nice one

  • SHOK Nod says:

    I respect nurses . Please mister Oz can i explain seborheic dermatit

  • Cindy Eckles says:


  • David Ekpenyong says:

    Nurses are indispensable

  • Logan says:

    wanna be friends?

  • Germangirl says:

    How about the nurses that speak out about iatrogenic deaths in them Hospital’s Mr. Oz. Look up iotregenic cause everybody.’ death by Medicine ‘. Why do they constantly get deleted on YouTube mr. Oz

  • Germangirl says:

    my fellow citizens of the world
    Please watch
    ‘Exclusive Rashied Buttar’
    before they delete him also my comments keep getting deleted I’m not offencive to anybody I just have an opinion WHY?

  • Elizabeth Quaranta says:

    Ty Dr Oz

  • Ryback TV says:

    Lots of people are giving out free meals to healthcare workers.

  • shanton brown says:

    Nurses is at risk just like other health professionals in there field of work. And it is big up time of National Nurses week.And from the bottom of my heart.I would like to take a big step to Honor all of our Nurses Nation wide for all of there strong dedication in serving Patients on a daily basis. You are in the Spotlight.Go Nurses you have risk your lives to saves others that is truly a Blessings. Many many thanks for all that you have done.God Blessings surrounding you on a daily basis. Love you.

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