Man Hides COVID 19 Symptoms to Visit Wife in Maternity Ward

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Man Hides COVID 19 Symptoms to Visit Wife in Maternity Ward

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  • WomanOnDa Move says:

    That was quite irresponsible of him. Not cool

  • Maddie W says:

    What a selfless , selfish, sorry excuse of a human being?

  • Ceola Wallace says:

    So selfish…didnt think of the harm he may be doing to mom and baby

  • layla Ahmed says:

    I don’t know what to say

  • Crystal Telf says:

    Worth putting wife and new baby at risk of death? Not to mention everyone else. Terrible

  • Vanessa Lennox says:

    Why would he want to put his wife and newborn child at risk? In addition to that, he’s putting other people at risk at the hospital. What an idiot

  • Ebony C says:

    He was at the hospital where my kids were born in Rochester, NY.

  • Angela Snyder says:

    Very disgusting horrible person. Put him in jail.

  • Sunny Israelson says:

    He should be fined big bucks. And if anyone dies because he gave them COVID, he should be charged with manslaughter.

  • Neil Wani says:

    Selfishness at grocery store. Selfishness at hospitals. When will people start thinking of others.

  • Tangela Dejesus says:

    Be a Dirty 🐕 no respect for his wife, that’s not right, I pray her and the newborn is okay

  • 11STARFIRE says:

    **Will this man be charged and convicted of a criminal offense?**

    I understand his need to see his family, 🚼but he could kill all the patients and staff in that Ward!


    *This is how its spreading!!!!* 😡

  • REJ says:

    How freaking selfish and evil is that. Risking getting his wife, new baby and everyone else exposed. He should be put in damn jail.

  • Big Heart says:

    Maybe he has bad intentions that’s why he went into the hospital to be near his wife.. 😞😔

  • Kathiey's World says:

    He put his wife his child and everyone else he came in contact at risk. How arrogant and selfish

  • Christina Cochran says:

    It seems to me like I can’t be shocked anymore at the stupidity of people and then this pops up!
    Smmfh 😣

  • Lor M. says:

    He just became a father and this is what he does.Shame on you.

  • lablvr6000 says:

    Even if he had any symptoms of any sickness or regular Flu he should have never gone 😡

  • Gene Wooster says:

    he needs to be jailed and fined

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