Latest Updates On Coronavirus

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Latest Updates On Coronavirus

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  • kat ci healer says:

    At least Dr Oz really cares

  • Theresa Medley Harding says:

    Thank you Dr Oz for keeping us informed.

  • gr8ride411 says:

    Thank you Dr Oz for all you’re doing to keep us informed. We look forward to all of your videos and updates. They’re greatly appreciated. 🙏🏾

  • Grizzly says:

    They should have told people to cover their faces with masks months ago!!!!

    • MRMR says:

      In Canada we have had 340 deaths from the virus and over 17,000 confirmed with the virus. We have tested almost 350,000 people and out of that 5% are confirmed with the virus.
      What works is self isolation and only going out when you absolutely need to. Stay at least 6 feet away from others “social distancing.” Do not touch your face if all possible and wash your hands regularly. Warm water and soap works fine. Just wash hands in luke warm water for about 20 seconds. As for masks they will help a bit from what I have been told and search youtube on how to make your own mask.
      This is what we are trying to do up here and it is working pretty good. For me the self isolation is the best way to avoid getting sick. I have never worn a mask but certainly going to make one because it is really hard to buy them. Good luck to us all and remember we are all in this together.

    • Grizzly says:

      @MRMR Look at my youtube video. Type in Emergency mask!

    • Jim H. says:

      They discouraged it simply because they knew how pathetically low on supplies they were at the State and Federal levels. Didn’t want hospitals to compete with general public for masks. Pretty shortsighted since they could have reduced the number of people who caught it if they really worried about the populace.

    • J T says:

      @Jim H. do you have a brain? government has NO authority over you

  • Ron Harron says:

    thanks for doing what you do and bringing clarity and reassurance in a time of uncertainty and confusion!

  • Banang says:

    Thank you Lord🙏 for bringing Dr. Oz to the world. His informations helps a lot of people during this trying times. He really cares for the people by giving helpful medical advice. Please keep our health workers healthy and safe. In Jesus name. Amen

    • J T says:

      why are you praising dr oz? hes the same globalist schill thats pushing RFID microchipping but i guess your brain cant comprehend that or the fact this is a FAKE pandemic

    • Rob Wright says:

      Because doctor booz peddles Trump candies for ‘china’ virus, we all praise him as lord.

    • Banang says:

      @J T whether it is a fake pandemic or not it doesn’t matter because a lot of people already died. Those conspiracy theories that you believe won’t help us. What matters in times like this is there are instruments like Dr. Oz to educate the population on how to prepare our bodies on how to fight the virus and what to do once we have it. I appreciate his efforts because I have covid right now and on recovery process

    • Mike Kahotea says:

      @Banang you got that right bra . Bang on , hey… get well dude .. I rarely say prayers .. but I will for you to get better . Let me know how you get on . Hang in there buddy

    • Banang says:

      @Mike Kahotea thanks. Take care of yourself. Wear mask when you go out, even if it is a cloth mask, just put paper towel inside for added protection and wear glasses or shades, it goes into your eyes. The virus is suspended on air for 3 hours. It’s like hiv you won’t know you have it until it starts showing symptoms

  • Matthew Ironman says:

    Dealing with anxiety and notice chest pain.

    • kasper kisses says:

      yeah my anxiety is giving me shortness of breath and I can’t tell if I’m sick or having anxiety

    • Matthew Ironman says:

      Alan Sarmiento I been praying and reading gods word.

    • Mz RAM says:

      Matthew Ironman look at eckhart he’s amazing I suffer from anxiety too he helps me a lot

    • C Dressenup says:

      Take time to breath do yoga or some type of activity that can help you release the anxiety. Don’t consume yourself with the news. If you don’t have the virus… be thankful you’re well and try to get involved with activity that will put your thoughts towards. Art, cleaning out closets, watching a movie… your mind can really play tricks on you. You’ll be okay. We are all in this together.

    • Fine Curls says:

      Please avoid the news as much as you can. I was feeling the same way too. I only watch the news once or twice a week now and I feel my anxiety has gotten better. Also pray and give us faith and hope during these hard times.

  • sharon hill says:

    I know people are scared but please stay in your city don’t come to our place where we don’t have but 3 or 4 cases

  • CNA ,Sarah A. says:

    How are we supposed to keep up with being prepared for when it comes back, if everything is so crazy now….?

    • Steve Martin says:

      There’s not a lot of prep required on your part, Sarah. In America, it looks like well over 95% of those infected will survive this first wave of infections. As that passes, we’ll get back medical study results and will have treatments available for “when it returns.” I’d bet that, between the new treatments, medical supply preparedness, and lower contagious rates (because of the millions who will have already survived “round one),” the next round may be very similar to a bad flu season. By fall of 2021, I expect a vaccine to be available, reducing the danger still further. This is not good, but mankind has faced far, far worse many times before. We’ve got this!

    • Thunder Wolf says:

      Only the strong survive

    • Laura Marie says:

      @J T dude, shut the hell up already

    • CNA ,Sarah A. says:

      @J T I’m just asking my questions based on what Dr Oz was talking about earlier today….

    • Katniss The cat says:

      J T … isn’t this doing a great disservice to all the drs and nurses that got sick .. and some died ?? your comment is horrible …

  • Dottie Sullivan says:

    Cough into your elbow or shoulder Dr Oz 😷

  • Sabbir Ahmed says:

    thank you Dr OZ for doing an excellent public service unlike CNN or MSNBC

  • Rocco says:

    Maybe if we could get vitamins, good food, it would help. Maybe if we could get hand sanitizer, hand wipes, toilet paper we could be more hygienic. MAYBE

  • Liza Rossellini says:

    I’m practicing healthy hygiene walks socially distancing boundaries safe space mindfulness❤️💜🤗💙🙏💝 thanks for your tireless dedication to healthy humanity and professionalism. Your very concise and knowledgeable and gracious.

  • perroblanco49 says:

    people don’t use common sense! I have seen many people pumping gas and not use cloves, hundreds of people touches the gas pump every day so that is one of the things that might be contaminated.

    • yamile Fuentes reymont says:

      Amen is true

    • yamile Fuentes reymont says:

      @packinaglock amen

    • Anonymous ! says:

      It’s easy to take Coronavirus home. The solution is to have a box of napkins. Use a disposable napkin to touch highly trafficked surfaces—door knobs, etc. Wipe down chairs, tables, keyboards phones, etc. disinfectant. Use hand sanitizer all the time. Wash your hands before touching your face. Use K95 face mask. At the end of the day, I wash everything I had on up to my underwear.

    • Mark Huru says:

      Call me silly but how can a virus live on a gas handle around all that gas, nothing is going to live long around that environment.
      Alcohol is gases little brother, to prove me wrong it needs to be tested. But till then do what makes you feel safe. There is so much we need to learn in the future about how we can all be safe. It’s the unknown that is the worst in all this.

    • Maritza Rodriguez says:

      You don’t need gloves. What you need is sanitzer if you can’t get to soap and water. People are not using gloves correctly and are cross contaminating.

  • Pauline Nicholson says:

    cough into your elbow.

  • Laherbutter says:

    Thumbs up if you think Dr. Oz should take a break and get some rest. This man is going above and beyond giving us the latest updates so we can be educated 24/7. Thank you Dr. Oz for looking out for us, but we ALL want you to be healthy too! Take a break for us, we will be okay. 💚 ✌🏾

  • jon sixxx says:

    The virus been in Newyork for months before they seen it

  • fooflateka says:

    By the way, he’s saying that in the Chinese study they all had Pneumonia. How about start giving HCQ+ZINC combo before Pneumonia starts. Shorten illness duration even more. Avoid Hospitalization/ICU, etc.

  • Scott Waszak says:

    To my knowledge, “old school”/original vaccines worked by killing or weakening the virus, mixing it in an inert solution and injecting it. If this is the case, science is missing the boat; they are thinking in “black or white.” We do NOT need a definitive preventative; we NEED a mitigator; a vaccine that REDUCES THE SEVERITY OF SYMPTOMS AND KEEPS PEOPLE OUT OF THE HOSPITALS! Why aren’t they looking in this direction??

    • Steve Martin says:

      Scott Waszak …What on earth makes you think “we” aren’t? 🙄. Calm down and let the scientists “science.”

    • WrittenInFilm says:

      Well the lupus drug seems to be using that mentality

    • Scott Waszak says:

      Have you heard ANY reports to that effect, Steve?

    • Steve Martin says:

      Scott Waszak Yes, Scott. I have. You shouting vaccine-experimentation advice for scientists into the internet is…well, let’s just say I don’t think it’s going to be helpful. I suppose it’s more harmless than going out and cornering the market on toilet paper, though. 👍

    • Banang says:

      Are you referring to bcg vaccine, the one for tuberculosis? I noticed that countries that have that have lesser cases of covid. The young people don’t get it or asymptomatic, people on their 30’s get mild symptoms and only senior citizen with underlying health issues have died. I have bcg and I can tell my body’ s immune system fought the virus, if I don’t have bcg I would probably have pneumonia

  • regiely prado says:

    I am a nurse and I agree with Dr. Oz that sleep is one of the best. When we take 8 to 12 hours straight duty with N95, it is really hard to breath plus loads of work bedside to patients. But when we get enough sleep, then it is ok again to do our duty the next day. We are a little bit paranoid that sometime we feel chest pain or having shortness of breath but through good sleep, good food and vit. So far we are ok. Hopefully, management do not overwork their nurses, doctors etc, fatigue could severely lower down your immune system. Takecare everyone. Drink a lot of water and always wash your hands .

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