Lark Voorhies: The Full Interview

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Lark Voorhies: The Full Interview

"I have to admit I did feel a bit slighted and hurt."

"Saved by the Bell" star Lark Voorhies joins me Wednesday to discuss her mental health, as well as her feelings about not being included in an upcoming reboot of the show.

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  • Sue B says:

    Seems she is still healing… My prayers are with her. I’ve always loved her as an actress… God is incharge ♥️

  • Oryne Stewart says:

    Praying that she continues to find her space and place that brings her personal peace. Onlookers may not understand and it is not your responsibility nor mission to explain yourself to them Lark. Pray you have the joy in your heart that only comes from within!!! 🙏🏾👍🏾

  • M J says:

    Lark we still love u.. the world is very happy too see you again. U will always be my favorite on save by the bell…. Mississippi fan here!😁

  • C.j. Williams says:

    I suffer from mental illness depressed, world collapsing just not knowing your self worth and I struggle day to day it feels like you’re drowning around a bunch of people who are able to save you but aren’t paying you any attention. Just care people and understand it hurts a lot.

    • Cindy Williams says:

      C.j. Williams every day that passes, do your best to pamper yourself. Remind yourself of your worth. It’s ok to love yourself. Be blessed because you already are.

    • TakishA Gambe says:

      This is exactly how I feel. I feel your words. Keep praying to help you get thru each minute, hours and days. I am currently going through this process. I have kids so I try to mask it but that will drive you crazy even more. Find things that make you happy just as simple as driving on a sunny day, maybe staring out a window. It’s ok to think, or write your thoughts down. I sometimes talk it out with myself and god vs keeping it in. But keep swimming to the top you are almost there. The fact that you are fighting which is a form of identification then that’s half the battle.

    • lawrence carr says:

      I prayed for you god shine your light of love and healing on this brother Amen

    • F.C. Laney says:

      Bless you, please stay strong💪🏾 One day at a time

    • Joshua Sarrazola says:

      God bless you CJ. Keep allowing the Lord to heal you.

  • Starr Martinez says:

    I think it’s sad about the cast. If anything she needs them. Keep your head up Lark. You’re very beautiful.

  • Josh says:

    Rooting for her. I’m glad she got out of that marriage with that user – he gave me leach vibes, from the start. I’m happy that she reconciled with her mom and is getting better! She’s very brave for sharing her story 💙

  • Elyse George says:

    You think you have friends? Wait until you get sick and you’ll see. SMDH

    • PaIgeMasTer * says:

      Such a deep, and true statement. I have nobody left. I have a cpl people who might check in once a year, but i feel only if they notice me online, or in town. Luckily i have a spouse of 10 years, abd amazing 13 year old daughter who help me thru everything, even if they may not realize it sometimes. For that im eternally grateful. God is always there to support me, and i thank him daily. They push me thru the hardest of times. 💜

    • Dedra Perkins says:

      So true. Even worse, when you are feeling better no one comes back. They just forget all about you.

    • Amanda W. says:

      They should all be ashamed of their selves for not including her. If they included “Screech” they should include Lisa too!

    • 1 Corinthians 13 says:

      @Elyse George Friends? What’s worse is family! But in my experience. You don’t have to be ill for your family to do you wrong! I say; it is YAHWEH (GOD) who is calling you away from corrupted people, friends and family!

  • Nikkeia Hardman says:

    She’s a beautiful vessel. God continue to heal her mind. It’s one thing to not have her a part of the Reunion due to her condition but the cast should at least reach out to her and show her some ❤️ love.

  • twillsbaby says:

    Lark is unfortunately a black woman with a severe mental illness and Hollyweird could care less. Thank God she has her Mom for support. If they did invite her to join the cast it would be out of public ridicule towards them but they still wouldn’t treat her right. If they really cared they’d refuse to do the reunion without her but money rules and compassion doesn’t truly exist in that community. Prayers for her are what she really needs.

    • ladyam2fine says:

      It’s not about race. She clearly has severe mental illness. Just by hearing her talk right now she’s not stable enough to do a reboot for any show. Acting takes articulation and she can barely do that on Dr. Oz’s show right now. It’s unfortunate but are they supposed to stop their careers because of her illness? She needs to be concentrating on herself and where she’s at now and getting better and living life.

    • Anise Bae says:

      Yeah it kind of remind me of Maia Campbell only Maia ain’t doing good at all…😢

    • S C says:

      @Tik Doe,  you are right.  My nephew , who was truly loved [ I helped him financially as he was studying to be a veterinarian , after he and his white girlfriend had a baby ] Long story short, my African American nephew was traumatized being dragged through the courts after her family decided they did not want her to marry a Black man, kept him from his baby whose diapers he changed,   etc.  [ my nephew’s ex, [who happens to be white ], same woman who told me during a family graduation, that her brothers had molested her as a child, was now going back to that same household to be with her mother and brothers who abused her,  with a biracial little girl, my family  ], my 22 year old beautiful, intelligent, sweet nephew was not allowed to see his baby girl he was raising because of racist white family of the mother, and the court system in the Midwest,  he literally jumped off  of a bridge and committed suicide.   I just saw a story of a sweet young native indigenous Australian with a form of Dwarfism , who was bullied and told his mother in the car after she picked him up from school that he wanted to kill himself. In tears as I type, this, any form for mental cruelty from OTHER PEOPLE, that know NOTHING about it can kill a beautiful soul.   God Bless Lark’s faithful mother, who protected and loved her.  Mario Lopez and the others have a huge platform,  they appear shallow and uncaring to have excluded their lovely former cast mate Lark.

    • nad 08 says:

      She is not ready for working again, she needs to focus on her mental health, show business is not the place to do that, look at Britney, Amanda Bynes, Demi Lovato !!

  • D says:

    dR oz is an incredible man for saying he going to call them. Do that and put me on 3 way.. I’ll tell them what we all really want to say !!

  • Jamcan smitho says:

    Its sad u can hear pain in her voice Nd see in her eyes God help ur children.

    • Rachel Fernandez says:

      I thought the same she looks like she wants to break down in tears. I wanted her to let her guard down but she was showing her strength. Crying doesn’t mean she’s weak if she were to cry. I just wished she let it out.

  • Beautiful Shellz Pow says:

    They should give her a lifetime movie explaining her condition.

    • Here Today says:

      It’s called demonic influence/possession.

    • The Best says:

      A reality show with Lark and Maia would get high ratings for sure. I’d watch.

    • Sly Waller says:

      @ShemiYah Sarai Yashar’el yeah and I expressed mine. So you too would like to see a lifetime special also about her mental illness? Someone else’s pain as I stated as your entertainment. Her interview was 12 min long but you clowns would like a movie. Only in America! Last time I checked, there hasn’t been a individual here or on foreign land to sit me down or get close to me standing down. So your comment was frivolous

    • Devon Smith says:

      Honestly I think she just got severely depressed after losing her fame and lifestyle, probably haven’t worked on a regular job, majority celebs that goi from fame and money to nothing go threw this and end up on drugs which I think she was doing, I’m not knocking her but people don’t just develop being bi polor unless they’ve always been moody

    • S C says:

      @Wendy Lucas,   THANK YOU.  Your comment was the most cogent on this thread.  Lark did not need to appear on Dr. Oz show to pretend that she was ok.  I also find it suspect that the therapist who is “helping her”, is ALSO an associate of Dr. Oz.  Lark should not have been paraded through this PROGRAM,   for ratings…Lark did not need to be dragged through the media gauntlet this way… Everyone reading this post, please pray for Lark and send her positive messages of love.  I know her mother is doing the best she can to help her daughter;  hopefully it will not result in exploitation of Lark by media mavens who want TV ratings.

  • Sharon Schubert says:

    Never watched an episode of this show. I do remember her from magazines a Pretty young girl. So sad we never know what other ppl are going through, we think they have it all because they’re attractive, have money, or have a nice body. So many walking around with undiagnosed mental health issues.

  • Crystal Grose says:

    I think Lark is better off without her castmates. You never want to be somewhere where you are not welcomed or included. I have had to personally learn that. I think she has the intelligence, the skill, and the talent to do her own thing, which may help a lot of people. I think she should establish something like a non-profit organization aimed at helping those who suffer as she once did.

  • curliefro says:

    Sometimes “friends” show you who they are in times of trouble. Best to leave them behind Lark and focus on your mental health and getting those acting roles 🙏💕

  • Re Winford says:

    Dr Oz handled this so delicately. Kudos to him

  • T. Lucalake says:

    God Bless her. It’s a DAMN shame that NOT ONE of her former castmates has reached out to her. PATHETIC!!
    Lark, continue to get better.

  • Elfie Angora says:

    I’ve always thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world, my lord, she still is 😊

  • Guidedlights 333 says:

    “A reckless tongue can shatter a fragile mind .. you never know who suffers from mental illness so please, please be kind”🙏

    – keysha Vaughn.

  • Peaches The hairstylist, jack of all trades says:

    I can really relate to this being a parent of a son with same diagnosis many blessings

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