Kate Gosselin Interview In 2017 – Best Of Oz

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Kate Gosselin Interview In 2017 – Best Of Oz

Let's watch again the best moments of Kate Gosselin interview in 2017 speaking about Jon and her family

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  • jarjartimothyhughes1 says:

    “I have to be the mom and the dad.” *Proceeds to Ann father from seeing children.*

  • 00001superman says:

    Glad you put this video on here Dr Oz! She plays the victim so well. ( Superman’s Wife )

    • 00001superman says:

      She is a Narcissistic Wench to me! She does love the fame, money, she is just using the kids for it from what I have seen.

    • Angela Porisky says:

      I’m pretty sure 99% of the people do an eye roll when she talks.

    • Pyramyd Seven says:

      Yeah, I haven’t followed very closely at all, but it’s almost awkward. Anyone know why she was brought on Oz’s show? Oz seems a tad bit of “the establishments Doctor” or a means to set narratives, if need be. He does have good content at times though.

  • Precious Loves Lopez says:

    I believe everything JON had to say about this lady here!!!

  • Tiana Melissa says:

    That face at 1:05 is disgusting.. this woman is so manipulative.

  • Michelle says:

    1:00 manipulative shrew, she’s definitely NPD and her eldest Maddie is just like her, that’s the saddest part about it.

    • Pyramyd Seven says:

      Yep. It started as a survival mechanism for the kid. She will become her Mother. Her husband, (once married) will see what has become of everything , he’ll end up finding out the truth, dots will be connected, he’ll start identifying with Jon, his own parents will become intolerable with the entire mess, he will jet early. And there you have yet another broken home, kids away from their parents, hate, anger, blame, etc… Sad

    • Queen Butterfly says:

      She ruined those kids!!

  • Commentary by Katie says:

    “They want a dad who is there for them.” proceeds to refuse Collin the right to see his father, she sends Collin away to an institute for three years, refuses to tell Jon where Collin is, Jon has to find out via Collin’s escape letter, Jon has to then fight in court for a year before he’s even allowed to get Collin, Jon then has to go through attachment therapy to get to know Collin all over again and rebuild a relationship. But Jon was *never* there for his kids, huh? This narcissists mask is slipping.. soon to be kate without 8.

  • Ellen Bulay says:

    It’s okay for you to be a dad and a mom you have money and fame , you wanted it lol.😂 you don’t want their father to be a part of your kids life.

  • moonlighter6 says:

    All about Kate’s fame and fortune at the sacrifice of the kids. The children are becoming adults, I’m interested in hearing their personal experiences.

    • Pyramyd Seven says:

      I’m interested as well. I’m also curious about how truthful those stories will be. I hope that each child, can tell their story without the fear of having to rewrite history. The kids may not all stay close with each other. Interesting.

  • Ryan R says:

    That woman looks like she could morph into a demon in an instant.

  • Ken Lee says:

    That fact that he had a ten year gag order says quite a bit, she’s a master manipulator.

  • It’s MeT says:

    Here after watching Jon Reveals it all. Yikes 😱 😳

  • Lupie Housewife says:

    Wow, she didnt pick up any acting skills on her 10+ years on tv! This woman is an evil, cunning, manipulator. Every man’s nightmare!!!

  • hardleecure says:

    She’s not a good lier. I can tell she’s manipulative.

  • MJ says:

    I’m glad Jon is able to speak and tell his side of their drama! Kate was so dead wrong for institutionalizing Colin – she wanted him out of public view to protect her image. Some women do not need to be mothers!!😡

  • Theresa Warchulski says:

    That face has Narcissistic all over it, she is NoBody without those kids, wait till The Real Truth comes out.. l hate this woman with a passion

  • zelda1119 says:

    Every b.s. answer is she gives is “I…” so full of herself and completely fake. She needs some help.

  • Sis G Interracial Network says:

    I can’t stand Kate. She is a narcissistic woman who only cares about fame. She chose fame over her children

  • undisclosedaddresss says:

    She’s so full of crap! She’s down a parent because she won’t let him see the kids!

  • RatGirl44 says:

    When he mentions her in tabloids she lights up and smirks.

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