Justin Bieber Reveals Secret Health Battle With Lyme and Mono

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Justin Bieber Reveals Secret Health Battle With Lyme and Mono

Dr. Oz reads a statement posted by Justin Bieber, revealing his Lyme disease and chronic mono diagnosis. Francesca Bacardi breaks down Bieber’s high-profile news, and points out how Beiber has transformed his lifestyle.

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  • x3lDoMiiNiiC4Nox says:

    At least your rich Justin

  • Kayl'Amor says:

    People are so insensitive!!! Ignorance is not attractive! So sick of people looking at others and judging them, putting labels on them and acting like they’re Google, i.e. knowing everything. Stop it! Hmt. You don’t know everybody that is going on in people’s lives.

  • Felicia Anthony says:

    Lyme Disease is horrible. Damn and Mono. Messed up. Hope he get better

  • Anthony Kence says:

    I love Dr ozs big sugar mama.

  • Natasha White says:


  • Wilson Gang says:

    My aunt has Lyme disease and it’s horrible. Prayers for you Justin 🙏

  • Save Time says:

    Chill girls !

    He’s having his pubery…

  • Martha A says:

    JB is a DOG

  • Amy M says:

    Get better Bib! You are very cute regardless of these problems. Get better in spite of.

  • James Patton says:

    I swear I just saw Dr Oz at the Phoenix airport last month. He was waiting for an Uber!

  • patti malik says:

    he is on drugs and meth. Other people have lyme disease, and they dont have acne all over, and look high and dirty. Bieber is a freaking liar

  • scott nyc says:

    Lyme disease is another laboratory born illness.Another massive coverup for years never declassified.

  • Retha Blair says:

    😥😥😥😥 I love u still Justin get better Honey ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Man in the Park says:

    Of course the news person would ask “do you think this is just an excuse?” Clearly paid by the beast system. Watch “Under our Skin” – movie about Lyme disease sufferers.

  • The Dude says:

    Uh what did he say at 0:31? lol

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