Jordan Peterson : The Exclusive Uncut Interview

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Jordan Peterson : The Exclusive Uncut Interview

The Dr. Oz Show is an American daytime television talk series. Each episode has segments on health, wellness and medical information, including true crime stories and celebrity interviews.

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  • Julia Gilbertson says:

    Love love love❤️

  • Chris Shupe - Be Free says:

    Is this new??

    • Susan Spencer says:

      What ever it is its boring & needs ironing… we need to help Doctor Oz to know all we want to hear about is Health, Fitness, Eating Right, and Medical & Herbs & Natural Home Remedies & Recipes, Excercises & that we dont want to hear someone else’s life story’s on sadness depression that all we want to hear are positive uplifting stories, & Hair, Nails, Eyes, Make Up & how to make happy healthy Gift Baskets for people & pets & doing happy things for people.
      Because theres too much sad & bad news in the News.

  • j dhliwayo says:

    3rd first ! Lol

  • Chris Shupe - Be Free says:

    Dr. Peterson is a hero to those of us who resist the self-righteous left wing tyranny being forced down our throats by all of the evil power centers of society.

    • Empire Reviews Company says:

      I heard that he was a compromised asset

    • Empire Reviews Company says:

      He is now just agreeing

    • Michael-6 says:

      Boy. You really love fairy tails, don’t you? Go and slay the dragon, bucko! Be the hero and rescue the damsel in distress! Buy my book to stop the Postmodern Neo-Marxists from ruling the world!

    • Daniel Scutt says:

      I’m a fan of the guy, but be careful with your overgeneralization. Not all of our power centers are evil or left wing, and being leftist isn’t any more evil than being right-wing. Plenty of evil exists on the right. The biggest thing I take away from the guy is the importance of personal responsibility, like he talks about here. No side gets to claim that. It’s just the best way to be.

  • Libtards got Trumped says:

    I hope Dr. Peterson makes a full recovery soon.

  • DiSTRACTiON channel says:


  • Ralph Horris says:

    Dr dude😎

  • Suzanne Schulz says:

    I agree with doc Oz. But it boils down to each individual to make small changes to change

  • Abu Huraira says:

    Sometimes it takes sadness to know happiness
    Noise to appreciate silence
    And absence to value presence

  • Vik3102 says:

    Jordan is one of our best intellectuals this generation, thank you DoctorOz for not crumbling under the post modernists and social constructionists and the Marxists, sacrificing potential problems to provide the truth.

  • Star Man says:

    Just love this long format of interviews. Thank you Dr. Oz. You and Joe Rogan my favourites right now on YouTube.

  • Leonardo Da Kimchi says:

    My two favorite doctors in media today! Awesome stuff!

  • Cynthia Josephine says:

    Dr. Jordan Peterson, God bless you ❤️

  • One Direction Joseph grace says:


  • LeonardisRock says:

    Does anyone know, was this a recent interview or taped before his medical issues?

  • Angela Correnti says:

    Dr. Oz are you trying to make this doctor famous like Oprah made dr. Phil famous the bottom line in life none of us were promised a Rose Garden deal with this you need this guy to show you how to cope with your life highest suicide rate are amongst psychiatrist in psychologist just imagine having to hear people complain about petty s*** then having to deal with the horrific stories in atrocities that people have to let out

  • john lee says:

    JP’s statement of “Life is suffering” is the same as the first of Buddha’s four Noble Truth. JP’s statement of the imbalance of Rights and Responsibilities is certainly evident in Human Rights where the number of Rights >> the number of Responsibilities. Identity politics breeds tribalism, and violence as confirmed in history. The second Noble Truth “Suffering has cause” is as scientific as Newtonian physics of cause and effect. The third Noble Truth says “Suffering can be ceased” and the fourth Noble Truth says “There is eight fold path” to liberate suffering. It goes without saying, one must take responsibility to be free from suffering. Responsibility is key. Victimization mentality, underprivileged mentality, or unwillingness to learn and take responsibilities prolongs suffering. QED.
    JP’s 12 Rules of Life is certainly a way to go about ones life, without wasting time in identity politics in any shape or form. It is good to see JP recovered from his illness, visiting 60 cities since the beginning of the year, sharing his wisdom and helping people to take responsibilities for their situations.

  • Mary Wilkerson says:

    Sorry about Dr Oz Mother has
    CoVid At home in Turkey.
    Love too them also

  • En-garde says:

    Dr. Peterson has an exceptional intellectual, creative power and a natural ability. to grasp the nature of humans, convey his thoughts on his research in an understandable way and most importantly transfer his wisdom for the betterment of all. He is way beyond being a genius.

  • Baris Mariner says:

    Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor. (That’s how i deal with the..$π|×.)

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