Jordan Peterson : Rights vs Responsibility

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Jordan Peterson : Rights vs Responsibility

Dr Oz and Jordan Peterson discuss about rights and responsibilities in a long interview

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  • Kenneth Rey Parsad says:

    Welcome back Dr. Peterson! You were greatly missed!

  • abc xyz says:

    interesting intepretation, well done Mr. Peterson!

  • pleaseyourselfsir says:

    Hey it is Jordan Peterson , I have not you you online for a while ! Good to see your still getting around spreading the word on media platforms . ๐Ÿง๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿค๐Ÿค“โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป

  • Joe Marlowe says:

    That audience had no. idea. what they were in for lmao. It cannot be overstated how much of a blessing that this type of conversation is A: online, open to the majority. And B: happening on national television. Dr. Oz knows the importance of this mans legacy, two individuals talking about the most deep of questions you can ask as a human being today… they perfectly integrated the substance of the conversation into the topic of freedom of speech.

  • Chris says:

    I think some people become hypervigilant and struggle a lot in silence; they maybe have trouble looking other people in the eye because of how they have been treated. They are good people but maybe they think that they aren’t. It’s really sad because they really are good people despite what they may think and can be very hard to fix… Jordon tries. I’m trying too.

    Starting with myself by accepting my shadow which is dark but I’m empathetic to the woes of others. Since starting doing some shadow work I’ve realized that I’m actually a monster. Not all bad and not unempathetic toward others but almost dark as night… a nightmare towards those who do or attempt to hurt me. Maybe I’m over stating it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sometimes someone can get so messed up that they think they are awful but it’s not in the way they think lol. It’s Cain’s awakening maybe… and I think Abel did well by putting his feelings first, above everything and everyone, but Abel was more spiritually weak then Cain IMO. Narcissism and of cats and dogs. That’s the story of Cain and Abel IMO. My message would be “stop being a narcissist Cain” because being right (ie. the truth) is not enough… action is required and getting results… so meditate and accept your own darkness… . Something like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s good for Cain to accept that good and evil exists because existence is dualistic but to not reject their own darkness and to understand that with genuine feelings (ie. not just thoughts of the ego), they aren’t ever wrong because feelings are just “action – reaction”… so they’re always grey (ie. they aren’t dualistic when completely genuine) so start reacting. IMO.

    Edit. Be the loaded gun you’ve always longed to be and then… the darkness will slowly go away over time and I know you’ll do something good for the world because… I know you too well ๐Ÿ™‚

    I don’t think the Bible stories are meant to be literal. Just stories about human beings written from a spiritual perspective. I don’t think Cain was afraid after he accepted his shadow (if he did) because afterwards and too him, what’s death compared to a life time of suffering… really? Not much.

    What if everything is grey because determinism is true but is also completely irrelevant except for when judging others from a distance or when looking at our past selves? Ie. there’s actual reasons for things and why they happen and therefore possible solutions. I’m not saying Cain used genuine hate against anyone except for those who hurt or threaten him personally because that’s not how he rolled IMO and it would also not be genuine then but an ideology and/or from ego. He would though against someone who hurt or tried to him personally and without hesitation when appropriate to do so, I think.

    Maybe Lucifer was crucified because he took pride in his own inner beauty and made an “imbalance of trades” as a result. Maybe he put himself below others and by doing so put himself above God’s law… that everyone is equal and maybe when he returned he did so with a sword… and maybe in essence it’s just a story about Cain and Abel. Maybe “the morning star” refers to both Jesus and Lucifer and so they are the same person but… they also are not the same.

    Maybe it’s one of the oldest stories ever told about being human.

    Everyone hated on luficer for trying to help but Jesus didn’t take any s**t… for sure… IMO ๐Ÿ™‚

    There are some good things about determinism, though it’s best left in the subconscious after understanding it probably… the first is that you aren’t special and you aren’t good or bad morally. The second is one for you to understand about past you and it’s: it’s not your fault. What you do right now is up to you but whatever mistakes you have made… there’s reasons… maybe past you was suffering or just a fool but that’s life and everyone makes mistakes… and it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter at all because only right now actually matters and that’s why determinism is best left in the subconscious but don’t think it isn’t worth understanding in my humble opinion because actually, you did have actual reasons for why you made mistakes and it isn’t actually all on you like you might think because you aren’t above the laws of the universe or above God. IMO…

    Edit. And also I would say to someone who refused to accept determinism: who’s the one with the problem? You or God? Who needs who’s help more, do you think? God and creation or you? Probably you.

    โ˜ฎ๏ธ I hope you are doing well Jordon.

    Edit. I think you come from a place of subjectivity primarily and that’s why you haven’t been able to accept determinism or can understand easily the difference between objective and subjective truth and how they are both true and valuable in different ways. I think SJW’s come from a place of subjectivity primarily as well and that what they really care about is heirarchy because they think it terms of power and not principles. To a primarily objective thinker, being a real man if they are men or just generally being a “good person” is more important. Subjective thinkers tend to be better at academia in my opinion and not really so creative because they primarily operate from the left hemisphere, not the right. I think Cain was maybe an objective thinker who finally took responsible for how he really feels. I think Cain was disagreeable, bad at academia but truly creative in the sense that he could hit target’s others could not see, even more so than you maybe. Maybe like Jung. I don’t think of Jung as being that smart myself because too me he basically just pointed out things that were obvious to him but subjectives tend to think it’s amazing while I think that your intellectual ability is way more amazing. Just the way it is, it seems too me. Everyone needs both. I’ve had to accept that my feelings matter and SJW’s need to understand that not everyone thinks like they do and that people of principle do matter and exist and that it’s important to have some principles because if nothing else, one day a Cain might come along and try to murder them all if not. Lol! :-/ (if things get really bad)

    You know ginger people have a good right hemisphere quite often? Just saying because it’s interesting that they originated from the British Isles and that many of them emigrated to Texas. Just saying. They would be more like real Cain in my opinion because that’s what the story is really about maybe: cats and dogs. I realize I generalize a lot but that’s what we tend to do… us right hemi’s. Pattern recognition is kinda one of our things.

    Edit. I think cats and dogs can get along but dogs have to understand that they are dogs and cats that they are cats and that we need each other. If a cat helps a dog then the dog can’t help but want to repay them, if they know that they are dogs and that a cat is a cat and that cats are cleverer than they are and cats should be highly regarded as such by dogs. Cats feel they should be looked upto by dogs. Like a female of a household but dogs should get the final say about important things like the economy because cats usually aren’t good at it and don’t really care because that’s a very objective topic that really requires a detachment from all emotion. Dogs are good at that because objectivity is their primary domain (by putting their own emotions/feelings to one side), as is pattern recognition. In my opinion. If cats are wise they would be kind to dogs and try to help dogs be good and grateful/respectful ones because they need dogs but sometimes they just think that we’re idiots… that our thinking is “slow” and “inaccurate”. Some scientist said that stupidity is a disease and that “slow” and “inaccurate” minds should be breed out and I just thought Jesus Christ no. A cat can help a dog to help themselves and only gratitude would result from that… wise but the cat needs some principles otherwise it won’t work because dogs have a great sense of smell and they’ll know the cat doesn’t really care or value them. Like when Mark Zuckerberg talks about all the good they’re doing… it’s “lol” to a dog. Or Google’s “do no evil”. They are funny as f**k. Too funny how transparent they are but they don’t even know. Nobody not evil would ever think to have that slogan because it would be a given. Dogs do sense evil. I’ve heard that a stupid person is sometimes harder to con, I think because whatever a con says, they don’t believe them – dog.

    Sorry I was rude. You obviously past the smell test and you really are very clever. Unlike me. You know, dogs can only take so much and then it’s only hard ball. Like someone poking you with a sharp stick until you can’t take it anymore, then you shoot them in the head. If it went on for waaaaaaay too long, maybe kill their family too cuz dog. Real inner darkness never dies, not even in death, IMO; it can only be expressed and then it goes away. I’m schizo and I think I see ghosts and such. Elisha and the two bears – they should not have let Elisha rott through their abuse but they were probably more sword than shield in their heads. That’s a metaphor. Everything in spirituality is written in tongues. You only understand it after you understand anyway. Mostly through suffering for some reason. That’s why you think you’re creative IMO but really you’re just spiritual ๐Ÿ™‚ Your darkness is much so I’m sorry. So is mine.

  • Blooming Accents says:

    Jordan Peterson is God’s gift to modern humanity, in my humble opinion

  • American Gal says:

    Bam! Get it now?

  • Hands Solo says:

    Sprayed or arrayed, lies evolved from the shadow that you know follows you. And you ceaselessly clamber to rebel against the instantiated claim.
    plumbum vero

  • BrotherTree1 says:

    And that explains why more and more people are becoming corrupt and reprehensibly Narcissistic these days because of these lack of boundaries, borders and responsibilities. It’s not a sustainable “game”. It can be the precursor to the (painful and bitter) end of the game, one can argue. We’ve definitely got to do something about it and shoulder that responsibility in doing so, or we have a seriously insufferable hell of a price to pay for in the future. At least once, can we at least reduce the cycle of total annihilation? Yes borders and boundaries can be disappointing, that’s called rejection and it’s socially painful. That’s what we’ve got for now as we search to improve it by seeing if we can make it less insufferable (e.g. That’s why we apologise for people’s feelings so that we don’t make it worse for people and still provide themselves hope). But the alternative of letting everything in as a free for all… that’s a hell of a lot worse. Good luck not getting abused and tortured every millisecond of a miserable existence. That’s as close to total annihilation as you can get.

  • Matt Harden says:

    Canโ€™t have globalism with borders.

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