Jordan Peterson on How To Accomplish Your Goals

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Jordan Peterson on How To Accomplish Your Goals

Dr. Oz reveals Dr. Jordan Peterson’s groundbreaking new quiz that could help unlock your potential and set you up for success.

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  • Private Frazer says:

    Peterson can’t even manage his own life or that of his family’s, never mind anyone else’s.

    • xVvix xnNix says:

      It’s not his fault he got addicted to rx pills.he’s still standing and overcame his i believe he can be a role model to others

    • The_Marc_Man says:

      I mean my life would become a little disordered too if my wife got cancer, and I accidentally got addicted to pills at the age of 60 with a massive group of people who depend on my message. But often times people who aren’t in that situation cant conceive of the strength of character necessary to actually bear that. It’s alright to be ignorant, but to say this man isn’t managing better than anyone else would is absurd. Anyone else would be positively crushed by that pressure.

  • Hamsa Ibro says:

    I am infp and through all my life my career haven’t match my personality. I was accountant ,i was not happy to it .
    Now i started volunteering and working with NGO’s , as infp i am ideolgist i thinks this career my suit me

  • Peter James says:

    Clean your room 😜👌

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