Jordan Peterson on Envy and Resentment

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Dr. Jordan Peterson shares his thoughts on envy, and how to compete with the future version of yourself.

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  • MadBlox says:

    I I hope everyone one of you have a successful life the thing I want to be successful by doing YouTuber so I need loyal fans to help me 😉♥️♥️

  • Abu Huraira says:

    You should never sacrifice 3 things
    1 your family
    2 your heart
    3 your dignity

  • Gurudra says:

    The root of all envy is fear ) fear of losing something) this fear must be worked on ) everything else will turn out to be just fine )

  • Infertile Myrtle says:

    Dr Oz,
    Thank you for using your platform to showcase Dr Peterson at his best!! He’s done so much good for ppl like me! 💪🏻♥️

  • Roman.Cactus says:

    I’m not impressed that you brought a homo/transphobic man on your show.

  • balqaysa aden says:

    We must protect him at all costs

  • Kayla D says:

    He gives great advice and puts things into a healthy perspective.

  • Loft Music says:

    Eww kermit.the frog

  • Sam Hailu says:

    Jordan looks better and better as he ages

  • Cool Money says:

    Sacrifice is your bargain with the future. Sacrifice wisely, or you will end up like Cain.

  • Nietzsches Muse says:

    With all due respect to his wife . I loooove professor Jordan Peterson’s discourse/ teachings he makes Canada proud and literally saves my life.

  • Japanimated says:

    Maybe the sacrifice was killing abel…..Did anyone think of it that way?

  • Teron James says:

    envy….is jealousy

  • THCB Spotlights says:


  • Lung and Sleep says:

    Great interview with Jordon Peterson. He is a true legend of human psychology. We can all learn so much from him to improve our lives. I often talk to my patients about Dr Peterson’s teachings in the hope that they will benefit too

  • VENNELA says:

    Doctor Oz why don’t you make me tall really I’m a 17 yro who’s not satisfied with my height .I’m 5’2

  • Cenk Cafer says:

    I feel like i just sat through a lecture of philosophy psychology and more , really profound stuff here

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