Jordan Peterson: Negotiating 101

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  • Guinea Pig says:

    I’m always appreciative of these videos, deep and insightful😌

  • b0ss VEVO says:

    i am going to say the n word

  • Alexander Nixon says:

    Dr. Oz is my hero for giving Peterson a mainstream platform to frankly tackle immigration/borders. Wow. Big moves.

  • Angela Macaroni says:

    Keep Jordan and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

  • john taylor says:

    I lost my Dad, became a father and lost my job all within 6 months. I was seriously depressed and spiraling out of control. Dr. Peterson helped me through a very rough time and I’m so grateful he shares what he knows. Here’s to his health and family.

    • Betsy/BA BF says:

      Everything hits at once. We lost our last baby, and while recovering, I woke and found my husband died in a horrific way. Immediately after my mother was diagnosed with terminal brain and lung cancer, dying shortly later, we lost our home, our dog and cat died, and mt best friend who was getting me through had a heart attack, dying at 43. You get through because you have kids. I have 5 kids who lost their dad, grieving everyone. I’ve been barely hanging on since my husband died.

  • Heidi Blinks says:

    Dr OZ, where is the real profile of Peterson??? Give the truth

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