Jordan Peterson Explains the Basic Human Instincts That Keep Us From Being Our Best Selves

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Jordan Peterson Explains the Basic Human Instincts That Keep Us From Being Our Best Selves

Dr. Jordan Peterson shares his thoughts on the difference between solidarity/loyalty, and defining yourself with groups that put you at odds with others.

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    • Mya Cusimano says:

      His mind is beautiful 🥰

    • Serahk says:

      @Mya CusimanoCusimano and so freeing. I feel so empowered just listening to his vibe.. I have reached this place in my life where I have realized and living everything he is talking about literally, but its good to have someone who puts it in words and gives me something to put my finger on. Now i don’t have to fear or feel weird expressing myself.

    • 0i0l0o says:

      @Serahk hi there, greetings from Serbia. Idk if you ever heard of it, its country on the other side of the world. Anf JP changes things big time, even here. He is onr of the greatest teachers of our time. Something is happening, globaly. I can feel it. Cheets!

    • Serahk says:

      @0i0l0o SO glad to meet you through the influence of JP.. Good to hear that he is making a change in your country, I hope the young men and women are listening.. we are the future, and we have to go into it knowing who we truly are. We can make a difference. When you say something is happening, that gave me goosebumps, I feel you, bro.

    • 0i0l0o says:

      @Serahk Stay open and strong. God bless <3

  • Maddie W says:

    To all of you doubting yourself out there you have sovereignty being created in Gods image so stop putting yourself down. You are good enough and you matter. You have value, you have worth, you are important. Jordan Peterson believes that and so should you

  • William Kjellstrand says:

    Jordan B Peterson. The B stands for “Bloody”

  • Angela Pickens says:


  • Angela Pickens says:

    Tha Palestinian & Tha Descendant Of Tha North American Slave will rise.

  • Marnie Hunter says:

    Peterson is brilliant.

  • Matthew Morrissey says:

    Jordan get out of my head I was recently speaking of tribal history and benefits that come from being”tribal”

  • Matthew Morrissey says:

    Digging the suit Jordan You too Doc.

  • Anees Mehdi says:

    Go to hell YouTube for so many ads. Such an important discussion then this Google’s money- printing comes in.

  • ItzBlu says:

    Makes sense 👍🏽

  • White_Shadow_59 says:

    i’m high in creativity and low in conscientiousness, i was a liberal type, but not anymore. You have to challenge yourself and not let that determine how you’re going to be in the world.

  • Brian Spicher says:

    Jordan can I borrow your mind for thanksgiving dinner?

  • Zonun Ralte says:

    Love Dr. Peterson

  • tyler burns says:

    There are two wolves fighting in every mans heart. One is love and one is hate. Feed the one that you know you should feed self evidently.

  • Jonathan Phillips says:

    Dang… this man explains everything so eloquently and almost perfectly for lack of a more appropriate word… I love this man 🔥🔥

  • Usama Hijazi says:

    He is a genius

  • Havestar Havestar says:

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  • Mtpimenta says:

    Many tribes has nothing useful yet they inundate countries.

  • AussieHeroes says:

    There clothing is from the 70’s 😉

  • Star Key Little G says:

    Yea, fibromylagia.

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