Jordan Peterson Discuss The Meaning of Life in a Long Interview with Dr Oz

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A collection of the top clips from 11 years of the Doctor Oz Shows.

Jordan Peterson Discusses The Meaning of Life in a Long Interview with Dr Oz

Jordan Peterson, professor, author, influential thought leader, and philosophical phenomenon, explores in this exclusive, in-depht interview with the Dr Oz, discuss the true meaning of life and how we can find it.

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  • Chris Shupe says:

    If you want to feel good about yourself, dump the affirmations and cheap psychological tricks and actually live a life you can be proud of.

    Excellent advice from Dr. Peterson as always!

  • Matthew Morrissey says:

    JORDAN MY MAN !!!!

  • Yvette Dean says:

    The mission is the constant improvement of character, and very true that happiness is the fix in a sparkling beverage, it fizzles away, and making the best of times of evil and hell, 🙌🏻 thank you Dr. Peterson.

  • Maddie W says:

    Such an emotional man. Work on the self first I agree

  • PeachesCourage says:

    In Taoism you don’t do anything because if you are told to do something by someone else your not honest with yourself potentially. If you do nothing you’ve done everything is a quote from the Tao . This way what you do is like doing nothing because for you it comes naturally. Taoists do not believe in guilt which actually is fear of life nor ritual behavior that is forced on people. Your way that is weighable isn’t your* real way another quote of the Tao. To struggle or strive you work against yourself in life and this isn’t honest really unless you want to hurt yourself. Thinking slowly outside of your life is necessary in Tao then slowly without fear or thought let your mind come to where you are . They practice this to understand individual balance of self not right or wrong. Beauty is because there is ugly bad is because good exists . Another quote is Stay away from extremes because they produce chaos if in practice. Quote I am like an idiot among those at the festival because in other words I am me not at the festival. If we go down someone else’s street we are not being self . Going low or bowing is a means of understanding humility of self. Water is one of the best descriptions of the Tao transparency without forms or desires that fool you . As long as you do nothing you’ve done everything as yourself.

  • Christian Ompad says:

    Thanks dad

  • Chandler D says:

    Peterson speaks with conviction. Truly refreshing to see

  • patti claude says:

    Love this man so much

  • foberdud says:

    Thanks for having Peterson on dr oz

  • bella love says:

    What a beautiful soul❤

  • ItzBlu says:

    Wow. What a remarkable human being. Just wow… Thank you Jordan Peterson and thank you Dr.Oz for the segment

  • ongally says:

    JBP is like a second Father to me.

  • Ulrike V says:

    JBP stay strong. You seem to have been through a tough time but please hang in there we all need you ❤️

  • WhyCatholic says:

    As a psychologist, I can sympathize with Peterson’s emotions and his tendency to cry. When you see the self-destructive path so many are following and you understand the simplicity of what should be self-evident remedy it is truly heartbreaking to encounter. We have largely turned from anything that transcends our immediate self-gratification desire. Even Christianity which was once and should still be a foundation upon which to understand the “Beast of Burden ” we are meant to be has become little more than a mechanism for “Self-Improvement” resulting in the disfiguring “Prosperity Gospel”. The reason Peterson resonates with so many individuals is as Dr. Oz put it, “you put words to emotions we can not even touch.”

  • Prachi says:

    Meaningful talk..keeping oneself happy nd strong by right means is goal for all..few are lucky that they remain happy most of the time naturally..
    V all hav a kid inside us throughout our when in anykind of trouble v used to run to our moms ..same way v need someone whom v can go to..some family person frnd or spiritual guide or god..
    I can list people nd ways to stay positive nd happy..Read Geeta..listen to Sadguru..
    Meditate..sit in sunlight..consume turmeric nd with kids..sit with elders nd listen to them..randomly go out with some water food nd money if u can..see how needy nd sad people them in possible ways..dont harm anyone..not even animals or birds ur meaningful the end of day think hav i done my best today..sleep keeping everything aside

  • Ben Holland says:

    Is this at the time of is wife having cancer because I have never seen him this sad ❤️

  • Jamie Strachan says:

    You have to admire a man who shows the true courage of his own convictions. Well said.

  • candyland8903 says:

    why does it sound like jordan is on the verge of cryin thruout this whole thing???? 😞

  • Constantia de Gier says:

    This is an intelligent man and he teaches me so much.
    He is not well … very depressed. 😔
    This could be his last interview…

  • Marcio Magini says:

    It is very heavy to carry so much knowledge and passion about what is good. Jordan is suffering because he knows that it is so simple to follow a better path and yet it is so difficult to make people understand that they must follow that path. This certainty causes a lot of suffering, especially since he is essentially a good man.

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