Jordan Peterson And Doctor Oz on How To Become Your Better Self

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Jordan Peterson And Doctor Oz on How To Become Your Better Self

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  • Scrambled Greg says:

    Woah Im early!

  • fadel mahade says:

    I love this teacher. Jordan Peterson. From Morocco

  • Abu Huraira says:

    One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star

  • Aut0 Zer0 says:

    Love from Nigeria.. Jordan Peterson

  • fadel mahade says:

    Please Peterson come to Morocco and give us a lecture

  • Heem says:

    This man is proof that we all have purpose. And all it takes to fulfil that fatal but paradoxically beautiful purpose is faith, hardwork, humility, and love for yourself and others. And you love yourself for the blessing of this beautiful purpose granted to you, with pride.

  • rachel green says:

    Dr Oz stand in one place.

  • BD says:

    cure for depression: go out.. once you do, u wont stop.. gets easier every time

  • Linda Casey says:

    WE are the light that we are seeking

  • JP JR says:

    Dr. Peterson just confirms my ignorance with every speech.

  • Louise' Virtual Classroom says:

    Thanks a lot Dr Oz, for inviting JP.
    From Seoul, Korea

  • Barnes466 says:

    Legend he is!

  • Mason Sweet says:

    JP definitely referencing a psychedelic experience at the end šŸ§ šŸŒ  a real truth seeker

  • Sammantha Lewis says:

    He is so amazing. I love how passionate he is about truly helping people in a meaningful way

  • Ken Powers says:

    We often do learn best with stories, don’t we?

  • Eric D'Souza says:

    Having followed Jordan Peterson so long from Toronto days and now seeing him go mainstream is in a weird way like a personal sense of loss… hahaha….sorta like your favourite underground band hit it big and now everybody loves him…but I also think for the sake of mankind he needs to be shared…so you are all welcome šŸ˜ŠšŸ‡ØšŸ‡¦…..I would have never thought I would see those grainy slides of all the places on Dr.Oz

  • Xero Punt says:

    8:30 “can you cry for us Jordy”

  • Phriswithaph says:

    Jordan Peterson is THE most important thinker of the current time.

  • LovedSarita says:

    Thank you so much! It’s my first time listening to this amazing person and is amazing! I didn’t even finish this video and when to find his podcast already have like 20 in download!!! Once again Thank You!!!

  • Bruce Smith says:

    That waiter story is great at 3:10 …be a waiter, but be a damn good one!

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