Jon Gosselin Shares with Dr. Oz His Thought on Kate’s Ability to Mother and Her Intentions

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  • gissneric says:

    Perfect answer, Jon. Fame and money destroys families, relationships, careers time and time again.

  • Vinh Tran says:

    In most, not all relationships, when it is destroyed or destructive, it is by the hands of both parties. Jon is a very needy individual not understanding the difficulty for Kate to balance her time as a wife and a mother to such a big family. Kate got too caught up being a mother and she may not be the perfect wife and may have neglected being a wife. It is not fair to call any parent an unfit parent, especially when Jon literally ran away from his family when the kitchen got too hot instead of getting his hands dirty caring for his kids and fighting through all the psychological abuse Kate may have inflicted on him. No one says marriage and having a family is easy; but Jon literally ran away from his problems and now he’s on a media tour for so weird reason to destroy the reputation of the mother of his children.

    • Renee Winters says:

      She asked for the divorce. He did not run away . He was pushed away.

    • JazzJadore says:

      And to reiterate from the earlier half of the interview, TLC paid for Kate’s divorce (which she asked for) and sued Jon for breach of contract when he no longer wanted to film. Paying for the divorce out of his own pocket and getting sued by TLC bankrupted him. He had no platform, no money and was silenced with a 10 year ban from TLC.

  • lousa lama says:

    @ vinh Tran; Is it? Think again… Why wasn’t he allowed to speak out for ten year? Kate was allowed and did, how was that beneficial for the kids?

  • Crystal Garcia says:

    This whole story is sad!! I believe all the kids and raising them on tv just broken down the family and the marriage. You have to be some kind of crazy to sign a deal with a network to film you and your kids all the time. No one is a perfect parent and I am sure the cameras didn’t help. Reality tv can’t work for everyone like the kardashisns!!!

  • Amy Polenz says:

    She is unfit

  • Sondra Allen says:

    She already had one child why go and get 6 more if a black woman does this they’ll say she’s looking for a check will Kate Woods too John is an engineer and he could have supported them off of his salary but know she wanted more children and didn’t want to work SMH

  • Sara Natali says:

    I want to see the whole interview 😐 How?

  • Fite Fuaite says:

    Hey Jon, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry about all you had to go through, you seem like a genuine man with only good intentions for your children.
    Good Luck to you in the future.

  • Miss Dominique says:

    Dr. Oz is messy

  • Just Saying says:

    I feel this interview is in really poor taste. I do not know this couple but really, with so many children to take care of, who would cope without exercising control? I do not think Gosling should be dishing the dirt on the mother of his children on a DOCTOR Oz show. It’s not fair unless the ex wife is there to defend herself.

    • Sabbebelinahh says:

      Have you seen the rumours she fueled to the media to make her look better? It’s atrocious.

    • Tracey Jennings says:

      She was allowed to speak for ten years while TLC helped her secure a ten year gag order on him. It’s long over due. We all clearly watched his toxic wife emotionally and verbally abuse him. Glad he finally gets to speak his truth!

    • Your Majesty says:

      She’s had ten years to slander him. He deserves to be able to finally defend himself.

    • Dezery Herrera says:

      For a long time she was allowed to slander his name and drag them through the mud how is it’s not fair that he can’t speak his truth he had to stay silent for 10 years while she sat and made a book and made money off of her children I applaud him for coming forward and tan his side of the story she treated him as though he was one of her children

  • Smile Big says:

    Where can I watch this full episode

  • droptop10001 says:

    I remember how hard they went at him after the divorce. Seems like men these days have tougher mountain to climb when it comes to accusations.

  • Eugenie Walpole says:

    Emotionally unavailable Mothers are problematic for children. He’s right about that.

  • Jessie Carlson says:

    I’m glad jon phased that the way he did. He wasn’t just like no she’s a bad mom. He’s like, she had good intentions and tv and fame happened so now her beliefs are screwed up. Not calling her a flat out bad person or a mother when he very well could have.

  • V Levene says:

    the children soon grow up and one day i hope the parents forgive each other no matter what it was

  • carolyn Ferro says:

    Dr. Oz is starting to act like Oprah more and more. The show used to be all about health but now it’s becoming a talk show. Falling into that mainstream media BS.

  • Your Majesty says:

    They both had issues, but she was always nuts right from season 1 and the way she lived her life after they split was proof that fame and narcissism had eclipsed the importance of her kids.
    She worked hard, yes. Hard at maintaining and growing her fame.

  • Your Majesty says:

    Now that he can talk after the gag order is expired, we can hear the other side!
    Sad thing is that she’ll just write another book and try to milk more money from it.

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