Jon Gosselin Reveals What Really Happened With Kate – The Full Interview!

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Jon Gosselin Reveals What Really Happened With Kate – The Full Interview!

If you missed it, here is the Full Interview of Jon after 10 years of silence!

“We don’t have a relationship right now,” he said.

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  • Stephanie Bell says:

    That’s it? This was the full interview? I feel like so much is missing lol

  • cyndy hillman says:

    I remember watching the show I found Kate eratating full of herself

  • LaraCroftEyes1 says:

    There is absolutely no reason for Collin to say sorry to his father cause of what Kate has done to them.

  • Kelly Cheung says:

    Kate is trailer park trash without those kids.

  • Gnasty88 says:

    This isn’t the full interview

  • Crystal Telf says:

    Finally, but TLC and Kate stole years with his kids and the judges just went along with it. How does that ever get justified and who pays for that. Lost time and memories = priceless. No matter what Jon lost and they won. I hope Jon finds a way with all of them and I wish him the best of luck and happiness. I hope Kate pays someday for her evilness.

    • LaraCroftEyes1 says:

      Kate and TLC were a team from the beginning and that TLC has a team of high power lawyers and the media was on their side and Jon had no one side.

    • Mana Gomez says:

      She’s slowly starting to see the outcome of her nasty ways. Her twin girls want nothing to do with her and couldn’t stop repeating how they weren’t coming back once off to college. She already dropped Collin for not fitting in her lifestyle. Five more to go before she’s a lonely, old, broke, miserable woman.

    • LaraCroftEyes1 says:

      Four are left Jon has custody of Hannah since late 2017.

  • Danielle Sjerven says:

    I’m not surprised. She treated Jon horribly throughout their marriage. He deserves better than her.

    • Chamila Lekam Arachchige says:

      Me too. No surprise. I have seen their programme and wonder how he survive with her. But I hope kids are not affected because of the parents.

    • Ki Birdie says:

      Yea they made him look really bad when they first divorced but looking back she treated everyone around her poorly and was very controlling. I’m sure he had his faults within the the divorce which he admitted to but she still is playing victim and some of the other children have chosen to live Jon as well

    • Danielle Sjerven says:

      Ki Birdie yes I agree. I have no sympathy for Kate

  • Chantel schnider says:

    This can’t be the full interview where the rest atttt

  • Mira Fawn says:

    Kate Gosselin is the epitome of a MALIGNANT Narcissist.

  • gospos1 says:

    When I watched the show years ago, you would have had to been incoherent if you didn’t notice the way she berated him. You could say it was staged but it is apparent the network was behind Kate so why show her in a bad light?..Everything he says here kinda backs up what I saw in the show..Honestly, it must have been so exhausting to raise that many children at one time and I’m sure the money helped with their care. Money and fame can do strange things to people so I am inclined to believe in his assessment..he was believable and she should have a chance to counter..see if that happens!..

  • TheGlamLifeAsAMom /. says:

    The fact that they even had a ((10)) year gag order placed on Jon is very telling of the company and Kate. They all get the side eye from me… There is obviously so much he’s withholding.

    • simplysing says:

      TheGlamLifeAsA- If you had actually watched the show from the beginning you would have seen Jon grew increasingly emotionally distant as Kate mocked and berated him on-air for his weight, breathing, talking, parenting etc. despite being ever present in his kids lives. He could not do anything right. Essentially he was an abused spouse. I do not throw him in the same suspicious bucket you obviously do. Overly presumptuous people are usually overly self-righteousness and toxic.

  • Precious Loves Lopez says:

    Just angers me that ,that lady was able to alienate him from his children and put lies out about him in the media and legally he couldn’t defend himself!! Not cool! I wish him well and I hope the other 6 children give him a chance!!! Sending love ❤from Maryland!

    • LaraCroftEyes1 says:

      Kate also alienated her children from their grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins.

    • Precious Loves Lopez says:

      @LaraCroftEyes1 very sad! Those children will grow up and resent her!! My dad raised me alone because mom died of lung cancer, I can’t imagine my life without my dad! He taught me everything I know!!! Dads are as important as mothers! I don’t respect women like her!

    • LaraCroftEyes1 says:

      I had two sisters-in-laws like Kate they treated my older brother as Kate treated Jon and my old brother second wife was a piece of work she had the nerve to take her youngest daughter with her to her lover house and had my niece waiting outside in strange neighborhood.

    • Precious Loves Lopez says:

      @LaraCroftEyes1 that’s horrible! Tell him don’t give up and take it to the courts!

  • Marissa Castañeda says:

    I’m only a few seconds in but honestly justice for Jon🙌🏼

  • jgonzo3083 says:

    This was not full interview, this was part 1 and 2 together…. misleading!

  • Laszlo Molnar says:

    Kate treat John like garbage ! I never like her

  • Red Dawn says:

    I believe Jon. I appreciate that he seems to be cautious and thoughtful with his answers. Kate is a monster. She was mean spirited with everyone in her life.

    • christine furtado says:

      And it’s so sad when the kids especailly the twins are asked about their dad and they just seem so cold towards him because kate turned them except for Colin and Hannah agaisnt him

  • Tieia Middleton says:

    I’m always shocked at the fact that Jon didn’t know where Colin was. That’s insane to me. That poor kid. Kate is an awful human being.

  • Miako says:

    F*** TLC and Kate!! Rooting for Jon!

  • Celina C says:

    DAMN finally.
    ETA: NEVERMIND still not the actual “FULL” interview 🙄

  • persiamotorman says:

    It’s sad that a child has to actually smuggle out an escape letter.

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