Jon Gosselin Reveals What Really Happened With Kate – Part 2

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Jon Gosselin Reveals What Really Happened With Kate – Part 2

“We don’t have a relationship right now,” he said.

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  • Tieia Middleton says:

    Jon sure took the hit as the bad guy for a long time. He’s showing that he was the sane person and he had the best interest of his family. Wow.

  • Allina 999 says:

    I’d like to hear their nannies’ perspectives and stories to provide further insight ! Seems like Jon is coming from a sincere place of concern for his children 😔

    • Silver Spoons says:

      There is a book written by a reporter that was assigned to follow the Gosselin family for a few years, he was the reporter allowed to travel with them and be at their home and take pictures that would be used in various media. His book Kate Gosselin how she fooled the world, is very informative. He has countless stories that are hard to read about Kate and the kids. Even if you don;t believe the stories or don’t know if they are true or not, he included TLC contracts and other factual documents that back up Jon;s story of how long the filming was, the kids being being forced to play with certain toys (for payment) , how the money was made and paid.

    • intuitive Virgo Queen says:

      Cee Gee stfu. He didn’t leave his family. Kate wanted a divorce because he didn’t want to film anymore

    • Wendy Swan says:


    • Misti D says:

      @Cee Gee no one will take you seriously in All Caps.

    • Kimberly W says:

      @Silver Spoons
      What is the name of that book?

  • Bethany Zandstra says:

    After everything he’s been through, he is extremely calm, respectful and well spoken. I cannot believe he stayed so chill for a decade. Good on you, sir. Keep fighting for those kids!

    • Natas Nico says:

      sexyangel072 He was sued by TLC, he also went through a lot of therapy.

    • gisforgary says:

      His speech pattern is kind of obvious its really hard for him to talk about emotions/abuse, he stumbles over emotive words. It likely goes back to his childhood, I don’t understand why his parents never helped, it could also explain why he thought an abusive relationship was normal for so long.

    • MaryAnne Brown says:

      gisforgary I’m not sure that is why he is carefully measuring his words. Likely he doesn’t want to say anything g that could get him sued by TLC or his ex-wife! I don’t blame him one single bit! He has been dragged through the mud and the courts, has had slander against him that he cannot respond to because of the gag order in place.. If you lever watched the show, which I am guessing you have not, he was always very open and verbal about his thoughts and feelings. I always found him interesting, but Kate was so shrewish and abusive towards him that it was painful to watch! He never did anything right in her eyes.

    • Angela Flood says:

      He said he has been and is still in counseling.

    • T. Thomas says:

      Jon said his dad was abused by his mom also. Its learned behavior

  • Octavia Jasmine says:

    So y’all just go post one part at a time smh

  • Dr Burg says:

    This is insane, what a crazy mean mother will put her child in a place like this just because he was a difficult child?

    • Hilary Pen says:

      My mom did the same to me. Sent me away. Medicated me at 7 and I’m still trying to get off the chemicals I’m 32.

    • kimberly says:

      It happens a lot unfortunately. My heart goes out to those children. Some people should never be allowed to have kids. Just because Collin was difficult? She makes me sick.

    • rockstarofredondo says:

      She exposed her children to parasites for money and fame for herself, they became traumatized, then she punishes Colin for his trauma response to his upbringing. Truly sick.

    • Alice says:

      @Hilary Pen im praying for you, be strong.

    • Jessica Johnson says:

      Dr Burg are you really gonna ask this when there’s families like the Turpins? Getting sent away is nothing compared to being tied up by your own parents… just because they look like great people doesn’t always mean they are, Collin was always my favorite of the boys and it’s so sad to hear he wasn’t even unwell she just couldn’t handle him.

  • bpxl53yewz says:

    Straight from Colin that Kate was abusive to him. So terrible and sad that she institutionalized him without his father’s consent. So wrong. I’m glad the truth is coming out.

  • Gettin BeyWay says:

    The two dislikes is Kate and her man.

  • BaronAce says:

    Kate is is an absolutely disgusting human, I can’t believe she’d do this to her own child.

  • acs acs says:

    Whoever Dr.Edward Moore is I hope your license gets pulled.

  • bambino100011 says:

    I don’t understand how people could be on Kate’s side???? She looks like a lunatic herself with the way she controls things. Just wait when all the Kids are grown up to spill the beans….

    • T. Thomas says:

      @Troy Stocker good point….

    • Ms.G says:

      only people that are on her side, are people who are just like her!

    • Oz TV says:

      Well I grown up with a mother that didn’t care about me or some of my brother. First I’m the baby of 9 none of us finished high school half of my other siblings were on drugs. She may be overbearing but when you have that many kids you have to have some kind of discipline. if not they will run all over you. And her grown kids are in college now so obviously she’s doing something right. She may want the money but again when you have all them kids you need money I grew up white trash but I turned my life around and worked hard from the age of 15 and still going. All I’m saying is stop judging her till you walk in her shoes with all them kids.

    • Melissa Panda says:

      The MONEY people were on her side. They set the narrative, just like American politics. It’s all about the money!

  • Jane Taylor says:

    Thank God for Collin’s roommate who smuggled his letter out and got in touch with John’s manager!

  • Jami Baker says:

    Dr. Oz shouldn’t have asked what Colins diagnosis were. He’s 16 and has a right to grow up without people airing his person private medical business for ratings or publicity.

  • Allison Holly says:

    TLC should be held liable for filming the things they do and not interfering. All in the name of “documentary” and for money

  • Lois A. Grimm says:

    Kate was mean to Colin when he was a toddler. I feel bad for all of the kids, but Colin really seemed to be her target. 🙁

  • stella somad says:

    That is crap that she allegedly institutionalized him without his consent. She is a piece of work. Karma sucks my friend.

  • Miss Honey Never Came says:

    So this woman prefers to send her child to an institution with strangers rather than his own father? 😐

    • Linda Hedler says:

      @JANEMAN JANI it’s not like a gossip show. It is a doctor show. They should put them on Dr Phil. Oz is a cool guy , but a heart surgeon. Phil is a forensic psychiatrist. Kate likes the spotlight, put her on Dr. Phil.

    • Jenn Lovesbert says:

      She has always been an evil Cunexttuesday and if u can’t See it, your a blind sheep.

    • loopzoop says:

      JANEMAN JANI his story was being told! Just not his diagnosis. You people need to think for a sec. Jon didn’t disclose it & people need to respect that.

    • loopzoop says:

      Kimberley Searching He’s still allowed to privacy if that’s what he wanted … Obviously Jon didn’t go into details for a reason! Did you not get the story despite the diagnosis not being named? Collin & his Dad will reveal more details in their own time, if that’s what they want. What exactly is wrong with that?

  • Tamra Hayes says:

    That’s just sad. I never liked her, even more now. She uses those kids for money and notoriety.

  • KimDe05 says:

    Jon should get all the kids. Kate should not have any custody of them. It is criminal what she has done to those innocent children.

    • Former Things says:

      KimDe05 Could you imagine how badly she turned some of them against him? It’s going to take a long time for that family to heal.

    • LaraCroftEyes1 says:

      The sad part will come when Mady and Cara realize the lies their mother told and when they learn their father been fighting to see them since the divorce and learn he will open his arms to them the guilt and pain going to hit them hard and they all need therapy

    • chrispleasantable says:

      Kate should be arrested you know and committed into an insane asylum and never allowed near her children again. If that doesn’t happen, then I will be expecting some level of rebellion from the kids toward their mother

  • It's Tabaitha says:

    Oh my that letter made me cry. She’s dead wrong for treating him like that. She needs to be institutionalized herself.

  • DoctorOz says:

    Don’t Miss the First Part of the Interview with Jon Gosselin

    • Hellyeahhh says:

      Hanna W. Seriously, I can’t find his freaking show I’ve downloaded multiple apps, I’ve looked on direct tv to see if they’ll have a rerun of it and nothing.. do they not replay these shows on the weekends or something?

    • T. Thomas says:

      Thank you for sharing his side. I knew that Kate was on some bs. It was all over her body language… verbal language

    • T. Thomas says:

      @dibaby1970 yeah…..if the roles were reversed
      …they would have NEVER let a woman be on tv and be verballly abused the way she did him. It was absolutely appalling and Im glad he is getting to share his side. After being gag ordered….which says so much about her, also

    • T. Thomas says:

      @Sis G Interracial Network me, too. I am rarely wrong about my empathic intuition. And he seemed like the abused spouse from day 1 being on Oprah…I felt that her energy was trying to exclipse his and it steadily got worse and worse

    • T. Thomas says:

      @Hanna W. kodi or a jail broken fire stick…..

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