Jon Gosselin Reveals What Really Happened With Kate – Part 1

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Jon Gosselin Reveals What Really Happened With Kate – Part 1

“We don’t have a relationship right now,” he said.

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  • Bree A. says:

    Y’all posted this. Where’s part 3

  • 89echo_papa_ slay says:

    Good on him for fighting for his kids!

  • Jordan xo says:

    Where’s part 3???? Come onnnnn. Spill the teaaaaa

  • Tracy Nguyen says:

    I believe Jon more than Kate, anyone who watched the show knows how horribly she treated him. And that was on camera! Now that we know there was a 10 yr gag order a lot more makes sense. Jon’s complaints have always been consistent.

  • Precious Loves Lopez says:

    Excellent interview! Jon don’t give up , the other 6 will come to repair their relationship with you!!! I believe him!!

  • Kelly Atchison says:

    How could anyone live with that? Poor John, who uses their kids as a pawn? He deserves his kids, those are his children and I believe they would have thrived with their Dad. She’s not mentally healthy.

  • jnovak3249 says:

    Andddddd down comes Kate empire

  • Person Incognito says:

    Kate is extremely narcissistic and I noticed when the first show first aired, she was very bossy and demanding and selfish. But I’ve heard so much in the news about both of them it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not real. He seems very down-to-earth and what he’s saying seems real.

    • LaraCroftEyes1 says:

      Kate’s own family has said that about Kate and she always had to have it her way or there be hell to pay.

    • suzzette1980 says:

      There is nothing wrong with being bossy and demanding, Jon us a super calm and chill guy who probably needs that kind of partner, even more when you have 8 kids, which are a lot of work and easy to get into panic mode. I noticed Kate’s narcissism in the way she disrespectedand didnt consider Jon in camera, she never consulted him anything and kind of put Jon on the side so she could be more time on camera, etc etc…

    • Chelsey Creed says:

      I think control was how she coped with the chaos of their lives. Doesn’t make it right but that’s how I’ve always seen it.

  • DoxyLady says:

    Kate’s a mother, but John is a parent.

  • Alexa Ortega says:

    If you watched the show, Jon was belittled consistently by Kate. It was too toxic. She is extremely controlling and narcissistic.

    • She So Sweet says:

      I don’t know how these people who haven’t watched them on TV can even comment. I actually stopped watching because I couldn’t stand how she treated him.

    • Alexa Ortega says:

      She So Sweet me too! I was interested in their family because sextuplets is fascinating but she emasculates and talks so bad of Jon on the show I can only imagine behind the scenes

    • Mia Bella Li says:

      That is true my husband used to say that all the time. My husband said; before they announced the divorce, that they were going to split up when she yelled at him in the store.

    • She So Sweet says:

      @Alexa Ortega she was doing way too much. And in that teaching her children what relationships should look like.
      One thing I know, when someone doesn’t have a good relationship with their entire family, something is really wrong with them.

      I knew they wouldn’t last because it’s one thing to be belittled behind closed doors but on TV is a different thing!

  • Its Me Again says:

    The love of money will have you making irrational decisions

    • Derrick Elliott says:

      I don’t think it was an irrational decision…It’s been said that she wanted to be on TV so she knew what she was getting into when they presented her with contracts

  • Sunshine andloveinside says:

    Great interview glad he got a chance to tell his side –

  • Anne Teller says:

    If you watched the show, especially the last season or two, Jon was trying to do the right thing by his kids. He was trying to place limits on his children being treated like a commodity. I don’t think he would have never allowed his kids to have some type of reasonable check in on television. However, not just all the time. That would have gotten old fast. Maybe looking back, Jon should have kept a more low profile private life to begin with when he was divorced, but he did come around and settle down. Only in America would a group think you’re crazy because you would reject money over your children’s well-being.

  • Lesley Keirn says:

    I always thought that Kate was awful to the kids and to Jon. He should have full physical and legal custody of all of the children.

  • Autumn S says:

    He aged well

  • Michelle Martinez Velasco says:

    All I can think about when I think about Kate gosselin is her screaming across any room “JOOOOOOOOOOONNNNN”

  • Linda Von Haugg says:

    I didn’t like the show Kate was nasty to her husband. So I stopped watching

  • Sis G Interracial Network says:

    We all watched narcissistic Kate on the show. She’s evil

  • Lisa Davis says:

    You can tell that he got railroaded years ago. I hope he can reconcile with his estranged kids.

  • Amanda Smith says:

    “I think fame is worse than money” -JG. 👏

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