Jon Gosselin: My Truth – What Really Happened With Kate – Best Season 11 Clips

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Jon Gosselin: My Truth – What Really Happened With Kate – Best Season 11 Clips

Jon Gosselin Reveals What Really Happened With Kate – The Full Interview!
If you missed it, here is the Full Interview of Jon after 10 years of silence!

“We don’t have a relationship right now,” he said.

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  • Anonymous says:

    wanna be friends?

  • I am Rainbow says:

    I don’t know why this came up as a recommendation to watch. I’m not interested with this kind of crap.

  • Anonymous says:

    wanna be friends?

  • Anonymous says:

    wanna be friends?

  • Lilinoe Davis says:

    Has Dr. Oz been threatened by the Cabal? Why the switch to sensationalism? Troubling

  • SHENAAZ A says:

    Where is part 2 ??

  • Frances Slay says:

    Next bring on Kate!
    He’s sugar coating his actions.
    Let’s hear from Kate to be fair.

    • misuzu9254 says:

      She’s been yapping about this situation for years. We all heard what she had said and what her brainwashed twins said. This interview of john is different because he literally never said anything.

  • The Wanderer says:

    This is OLD

  • Luis Velazquez says:

    That show looks pretty Pack, for this shows it’s okay to seat close to one another? Did they forgot about coronavirus out of the sudden?

  • Burco Love says:

    Wow She throw away her whole
    marriage cuz of fame and money?

  • All Mighty says:

    Like a gag order could hide her crazy!!! It oozes out like a tight tucked in shirt.

  • Burco Love says:

    What she put through her own son 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • june july says:

    Besides what the problems were between the two of you, reality is that she was left alone with 10 kids while you were living the crazy life.

  • Suzanne Andrews Myers says:

    I can empathize with both sides. Even though I am not a fan of Kate (saw her on DWTS) I empathize with her and the cost of raising the children; filming the show had many perks, to say the least. And money won her over. Income meant security in her and children’s’ lives. In reference to angers me to think that ‘the income’ would not be used for some specialized treatment/education. We’ll never know. Being a mother of ‘child-in-need’ I can understand how challenging it can be…exhausting is an understatement. I respect John for looking out for the children, but the contract should have been negotiated to begin with. Money does not buy happiness but it sure gives us security, pays the medical bills, buys the clothes, feeds the family, puts gas in the cars… And for 8 kids, Yikes! Should have seen that going into it, duh.

  • Jean Watrous says:

    John ur better off without kate

  • Annabeth Lee says:

    Oz obviously will do anything for money !!!

  • Lorena Rodriguez. says:

    That is so sad that a mom could put her kid through that on the show she was always yelling and having an attitude I feel for the kids.

  • chrispleasantable says:

    Here’s a question, when the kids tell their story if their side is coinsiding with what Jon has claimed, then will Kate be arrested?

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