Jon Gosselin Exposes The Truth – The Full Interview

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  • Marylee Macpherson says:

    Narcissist think they are always right . Gaslighting is exactly what the narcissist does. To confuse the victim into making them think they are the problem.

  • Ms.Vanessa New Beginings says:

    I know how it is to deal with a teenager that is going through puberty and challenges you daily

  • eileen boller says:

    I like Jon….Kate a nother story ……not what id call a good mother

  • Penny Penny says:

    I don’t wanna be “famous”.

  • Loulou Willis says:

    He’s a problem teen he’s going to have issues until 19 or older thats just his reality. My son didnt get better until he was 20. Kate gave up on Collin at 12 hopefully Jon doesn’t. She put him away because she couldn’t deal and thats awful that is why you get family therapy.

    • sharon brown says:

      For sure. When u feel you r less and not wanted you have issues and I just wish the very very best for this young boy. He looks so sad at times. Jon just has to take one day at a time with him and it will get better……………..

  • Girl Wise says:

    No one is perfect but I don’t think he is a bad guy. He son has some issues and all you can do is hope he finds peace as he enters adulthood…

  • Thảo Dược Quanh Ta says:

    Thank you very much for great knowledge

  • Sydney P says:

    I’ll always be Team Jon

  • Carla W says:

    It’s so sad to use your children for fame and when he(Jon) didn’t want to conform to her(Kate) ideas, she came up with malice. The ideal of reality tv can warp people.

  • Liz Slanczka says:

    Good dad, good man. All the best Jon.

    • Afullchalice VLOGS says:

      Are you talking about the man that abandoned his 8 children when they were toddlers and signed away all rights to them so he wouldn’t have to pay child support? Same guy, right?

  • Peggy Campbell says:

    We have all seen her abusive personality, love how she blames everyone else.

  • gbag man says:

    The kids who live with Kate are covering for her!!!

    • chrispleasantable says:

      They know what she’s been doing and how she behaves but they’re too scared to speak up

    • sharon brown says:

      @chrispleasantable god who hasn’t had a teen out of control ?? They don’t know how to handle their feelings at all. At times. Kate loves things like this. How would she handle this eh? Oh I know she would have put him away.

    • Afullchalice VLOGS says:

      Maybe the 6 kids are just well adjusted and want their dad who abandoned them to shut up about the mother who stood by and raised them!!!

  • Angelina Carraway35 says:

    I can sympathize w Jon when it comes to Collin I hav an 11yr old son that has Autism n no matter what I do for him, buy him no matter how hard I love him or show him how much he means to me when he’s upset he will tell me or whoever that I hate him, that I care for his other siblings but not him, that I beat him, that I do nothing for him n on n on it goes but thank God now that’s this has been going on for yrs the counselors n etc know the truth n they talk to him about it n etc!!!! It’s so hard on his siblings they r young n do not understand y he says these horrible things about their mommy they keep saying y does he lie about u like that it’s not true mommy y does he do it? It so hard on my son, his siblings n especially me to hear him say these things about me but when he’s not upset he can b the most loving sweet lil boy u ever meet so yes I understand and sympathize with Jon!!!
    PS: I also hav an ex hub like Kate n they can turn their children against the other parent so fast n that’s so sad n the kids they jus want that parent love n acceptance n to b proud of them so much that they will side w them n hate on the other parent but hopefully as adults they will see the truth that’s all we can pray for!!!!!

  • tdawgsmitz says:

    I’ve grown to respect Jon quite a bit in how hard he fought for Collin and Hannah. Kate is a fame hungry waste of space.

    • Renee Bloggs says:

      Fought hard? For starters, Hannah chose to go to him. Kate raised those children herself for years and Jon has only stepped up recently. He is the one publicly criticising Kate but she keeps her silence about him or haven’t you noticed that?

    • gbag man says:

      @Renee Bloggs Well Kate was the one who divorced Jon simply because he didn’t want to film anymore. In the past every time the kids would visit Jon, Kate would interfere with his visiting time. Whoppi Goldberg on The View told Kate that she shouldn’t be doing that. Kate relied on a tv show to raise those kids at least Jon was working a real job. Hannah chose to go with Jon because Kate was putting pressure on her to look after her sextuplet siblings and she didn’t want to film anymore so did Collin. In 2017 Jon was at the Dentist and Kate interfered with Jon’s visiting time. Kate told Hannah that she has to come home with her now. Hannah said no and Jon said that she’s old enough to decide who she wants to go home with. Kate loses it and tried to physically get Hannah out of Jon’s car and the police were called and they had to escort Kate away from Hannah. Jon got custody of Hannah and Kate tried to appeal the decision but it was denied. Kate didn’t even show up to Collin’s Custody hearing in 2018. Then what about Kate hanging up on Hannah when she tried to reach out to Kate on her 16th birthday and Hannah tried to reach out to Kate when she found out that Kate was selling her childhood home. Why are you defending Kate after what she did to the family?

    • Sugar Hoof says:

      @Renee BloggsSure, you never saw Kate belittle and verbally abused Jon on multiple episodes before they divorced?! Typical feminist..always blame the men!!

    • Afullchalice VLOGS says:

      Jon literally signed away his rights to all 8 children so he wouldn’t have to pay child support. Their MOTHER raised 8 children BY HERSELF with no support until Colin was 12. TWELVE. 6 of his kids want nothing to do with him because he abandoned them. You also don’t see Kate badmouthing him in the media, or too the media. DESPITE his multiple attempts to bash her parenting and her children can read it all. How abusive can you be??

  • Louiebear says:

    I feel sorry for these people….it’s no one’s business… imagine having to explain to thousands of people every little thing that happens in your family Life? No family is perfect

  • chrispleasantable says:

    Collin was just responding to the PTSD that he has and was caused by Kate

  • Amy Doran says:

    It sounds like he truly cares about his son. Hopefully things work out in the end.

  • Sydney P says:

    It really says something about Kate when her brother and sisters don’t have any relationship with her or the kids. She alienates herself and her children from everyone. It’s sad.

  • Matthew Ramsey says:

    I feel for Dad but ya I’d like to hear the Sons side of the story I’m sure it got out of hand. It’s sad because they had no business having that many children it’s wildly irresponsible.

    • gbag man says:

      It was already unfounded unless you’re saying that Jon should go on The Steve Wilkos Show to take a lie detector test and I’m sure he’ll pass. Jon was probably trained on how to restain someone he does work in health care.

  • michelle d says:

    Whenever I see Kate’s face on the screen or anywhere I always have to look away. I literally cannot stand her.

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