Joey Buttafuoco: Life After Infamy

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Joey Buttafuoco: Life After Infamy

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  • Elizabeth Pigg says:

    What does his alleged childhood abuse have to do with the fact he had an affair on his wife that resulted in her almost losing her life? #nosympathy

    • Suzanne Schulz says:


    • Stephon says:

      childhood abuse is linked to broken adults. that’s scientifically proven.

      you wouldn’t say, “what does his alleged childhood abuse have to do w/ the fact that he got on drugs and destroyed his life”

    • Elizabeth Pigg says:

      Stephon But wait. Joey B. is the one who is saying “my past drug use made me make poor choices that hurt others.” As an adult a person has free will and can choose right from wrong. A lot of people who get caught like to blame others – it’s easier than taking responsibility.

    • Stephon says:

      @Elizabeth Pigg it’s not about taking responsibility. childhood abuse literally alters folk brain function. it causes so many adults to become criminals, murderers, rapists, beaters, thiefs, pathological liars, and is directly linked to sociopath personality disorder.

      That doesn’t excuse one from bad behavior, but it certainly brings understanding.

      many child molesters are victims of molestation. many serial killers are victims of childhood torture. many promiscuous adults are victims of childhood sexual or violent abuse.

      it is bigger than just 1 singular person.

  • TheBTDEB says:

    He is so full of it.

  • Margaret Gonzalez says:

    Two pigs

  • Sharkeisha says:

    Professional victim lol

  • 11STARFIRE says:

    **Why is Dr. Oz doing Dr. Phil’s job?**
    . Dr. Oz please get back to medical and health issues. Not all of these housewives of celebrity stuff.
    Buttifucco looks older than Moses. Acts more foolish than a clown..still.

  • Suzanne Schulz says:

    Lmao how does he not TAKE RESPONSIBILITY?

  • Roo says:

    Omg, I didn’t realize anybody cared😂. They were a joke. They were trash and the world made fun of them. Nobody knows who they are anymore😂

  • Angela Macaroni says:

    I find his drug story very hard to believe.

  • Tiffany Alvarez says:

    His aunt would steal drugs from family members but would waste it on him. Ok cmon this is bull.

  • محمد هادي says:

    My equstion is the pepsi drink influence on the body? Thank you please response me?

  • The Verbally Abusive Clown says:

    Well…it wasn’t all bad, Amy Fisher later grew up to become respected actress Marisa Tomei.

  • Carol Benson says:

    He’s getting old! Such a sad case.

  • Bunny Bubs says:

    Why he look like a diff person
    Did he get cosmetic surgery

    Why did his relatives waste the drugs on him?.. Junkiez don’t share?. This is weird

    Aunt grace did not share… We all know that… He must have got the drugs from the other neighborhood toddlers ?

  • Mya Hollandia says:

    Crazy man

  • Linda Ruckle says:

    Goodness…I did not recognize him. He sure has aged, while Mary Jo continues to be beautiful.

  • Cindy White says:

    I don’t believe him. He says anything for attention.

  • Victoria P says:

    Why is he walking free? He is Satan who has done nothing with his life but destroy other lives. He feels no remorse. When he takes his last breath and his body dies and he stands in front of Almighty God he will then be judged only this time by Gods standards will he be found guilty and receive his eternal punishment

  • Lori Guerrero says:

    I’m sry it’s very hard to believe that anyone would waste their drugs on a kid…does not make any sense

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