Jimmy Kimmel on His Decision to Go Public with His Son’s Diagnosis

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Jimmy Kimmel on His Decision to Go Public with His Son’s Diagnosis

Today, Dr. Oz goes one-on-one in an exclusive interview with comedian and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel about his most personal health struggles.

Kimmel reveals how he credits Dr. Oz for his weight loss, and shares intimate, never-before-heard-details about his son’s heart condition and how it inspired his fight to make sure all children have the healthcare they need.

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  • bf3ram says:

    RIP Jimbo 😭😭😭

  • blackson fwany says:

    Doc Oz he’s amazing 🌹

  • Vilma Magracia says:

    Trump 20/20

  • kate Guhl says:

    Wow Jimmy is such an amazing person. His poor son

  • Jason O'Dee says:

    Jimmy’s net worth is around 45 million so do you really think he cares about the affordable care act? 🤔

  • Michael Perri says:

    Yeah it wasnt for attention…

  • ART95129 says:

    I know that supporters of the ACA believe in the better good. What I wish they would realize is what it has done to healthcare-longer than 1 mo wait to get in to see a doctor & the balance of working for perks amidst a plethora of other issues (I simply gave one end of the spectrum to the other). The only people we should be worried about insuring the medical care of are those who can’t ensure their well-being on their own : children, elderly, and disabled; not the able-bodied which is what ACA was all about as there were govt programs already in place for the other group. If anything they should’ve focused on stricter regulations on health insurance companies rather than sabotaging the medical practice to please the insurance lobbyist.

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