Jessica Simpson Tells All About Her Life in an Exclusive Interview With Dr. Oz

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Jessica Simpson Tells All About Her Life in an Exclusive Interview With Dr. Oz

Singer and reality show pioneer Jessica Simpson opens up about her life and secrets!

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  • Abigail Quezada says:

    I love her , the world can be cruel to people. She’s so real. That’s so rare and she’s so strong. Love her.

  • laura marrero fabian says:

    I feel for her.
    She has been through so much hardship.
    Glad that she is better

  • Denise Lopez says:

    Wow 😲 the part she said she would move her sister or a friend out of the way so they wouldn’t get abused 😢. God is blessing her for this and so sad she had to endured this type of pain. We never know what people are going through or have been through.

  • J h says:

    No wonder she had sexual hang ups. She felt she was to blame. This explains a lot. She had a lot of confusion around sex. Being so beautiful it must have been so tough for her. She was a sex symbol when she felt so ashamed. Glad to see her break free. I hope she continues to do well.

  • Shannon says:

    It just goes to show that you never know the pain of others as we ourselves go thru things too.

  • Selena Monfalin says:

    Bless her! I read the book in 1 day and learned allot from it about the entertainment industry and about alcohol abuse! The worst things happen to the people who look happy.. let’s lift
    Each other up✨✨❤️

    • Elsa Villarreal says:

      Selena Monfalin I want to buy it sooo bad!!! She is as real as they get. I hope she stays healthy.

    • Jayces mimi says:

      I just finished it and it was great.
      Extremely enlightening in regards to her life and her struggles. It was definitely worth reading.

    • Karen K says:

      Wow, 1 day! I def need to get it. I’m in the process of writing my own book about my trials and sufferings and how God carried me through each.. and then she came out with this book that’s inspiring me to actually go through with publishing it someday soon. She’s a doll, and I can relate to her story in so many ways!

  • red7 boo says:

    I loved her when she first came out as a singer, I loved her on the newlyweds, and I love her now..She’s beautiful ,she’s funny ,she seems like she’d be such a sweet person to me and she looks AMAZING!!❤

  • Amanda Estep says:

    ♥️So sad … she keeps smiling through the bad parts while taking about it, she is trying to be strong speaking about everything to the world. I do the same thing, social anxiety and anxieties suck and are horrible. A smile is trying to hide everything feeling that your feeling inside and trying to be strong and show people that your handling it. Bless her heart. She’s been through so much heartache. Glad to see her keep going and having strength to get through everything she’s been through. Life is so damn hard at times but just got to keep going. ♥️

  • Mixxmee xo says:

    I love Jessica I love her even more to show all her past struggles but what was the point of them walking over to the table lol

  • It's a Bunnay says:

    She has a similar laugh to Trisha paytas but sounds like aunt Becky from full house when she talks

  • Victorious Empire says:

    wow 😯 such a strong woman after everything she went through i love her positive vibes. she was bullied so horribly about her abuse (& i love how she protected her sister/friends), about the things she says, about her appearance, so many things and yet she is finding a way to help others. 💕 i also love journaling and writing letters to God.

  • kourtney waguespack says:

    I’ve always liked her. This is the most well spoken and truly intellectual interview I’ve ever seen of her. Well done Dr Oz. Thank you for treating her like an actual adult and equal.

  • Julie Morris says:

    I love her. She’s so authentic. Refreshingly herself. WE LOVE YOU JESSICA BLESS YOU. She reminds me of dolly actually

  • Candy Thompson says:

    I think Jessica is just southern and she was like this when her and Nick had the realty show, she just talks like this.

  • Gil M says:

    Oh man… she’s so strong. She literally pushed her sister and friends out of the way and took on the abuse to protect them 😥so much respect for her! Much deserved success Jessica!

    • Georgia Peach says:

      Gil M I know, when she said that my heart dropped, my god such a protective angel 👼

    • sandramA heynemana says:

      Omg! They were only a year apart. Hardly constitutes abuse.

    • Karen K says:

      @sandramA heynemana It does if it was unwanted, uncomfortable and affected you. I had the same thing happen at the same age, and it gave me anxiety attacks when a boy wanted to kiss me a few years later. Also, it made me not able to ever get close to my friends as I got older. I felt awkward hugging them or sitting close when watching movies like some girls do – very sister like. The shame I felt kept making me think they would assume I was a lesbian…and that was unheard of back then. It really affected me, and while it was another child who did it, I was changed by it. Don’t judge something you haven’t experienced or don’t understand.

  • R C says:

    Keep talking about God, Jessica! I truly believe you are a real lady of faith, a rare gem!

  • Deana Bahadoorsingh says:

    The lady that lost over 300lbs after reading it since February 4th should also write a book

  • Georgia Peach says:

    She’s such a freakin “SWEETIE PIE” I’ve always loved her since day one, I watch her and Nicks reality show faithfully, I remember when her jeans came out I went out and bought soooo many pairs ☺️ and her shoes!!!! She’s come along way!!! She’s like a best friend in your head 🥰 I am so glad she has fought off all those demons, such a brave and courageous woman….. I love what she said “God loves me even with my flaws”

  • Tiffany and Co. says:

    I hate that people are questioning the situation between the 7 year old. This happens people! and it’s very confusing and has life long effects. Little kids are groomed and then they begin to groom children that are younger then they are. This is a dirty secret people like to pretend is just “playing doctor” and it’s not.

  • Michelle Kaminer says:

    I guess I’m the only person who liked her outfit. I think it’s beautiful!

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