Jennifer Lopez Tells Dr. Oz Her Beauty Secrets

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

Jennifer Lopez and Dr. Oz discuss her best healthy and beauty tips to look and feel great at any age. Plus, find out why Dr. Oz asks her about her urine!

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  • Diana Riverjackson says:

    Don´t smoke, don´t drink, don´t do drugs <3

    • Sclhb Shawny says:

      Diana Riverjackson lol every fitness bloggers say that. It’s being overused nowadays.

    • Jo L says:

      @EVILSMIL3Y my mom has been healthy a vegan (limits processed food) for 40 years and is 63 and looks 30. No surgery no botox. I’ve been a vegan for about three years and i’m fine.

    • Jo L says:

      @EVILSMIL3Y u should only go vegan though for the animals..its not a diet it’s a moral philosophy to reduce animal suffering as much as possible with your purchases. If u go vegan u need to plan your diet carefully and supplement responsibly. But you can definitely be healthy and get all the nutrients you need on a vegan diet according to every dietetic association in the world.

    • Jo L says:

      @EVILSMIL3Y but you can get all the nutrients like calcium and omega 3 in a vegan diet as long as you plan your diet carefully and eat algae oil for DHA. I just have a problem your comments because you’re spreading false information that goes against consensus of nutrition experts

    • Jo L says:

      @EVILSMIL3Y “It is the position of the American Dietetic Association that appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Well-planned vegetarian diets are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and for athletes.”

  • Jesi Loves Makeup says:

    I LOVE Jennifer Lopez but let’s just be real for a sec….her beauty secret is having LOTS OF MONEY

    • myfav0s2012 says:

      Tara Evans Haters dont want to hear that. They prefer to believe in their minds that its all surgical enhancements bc somehow it makes them feel better about being lazy and out of shape while they sit behind their computers talking crap instead of putting down the cupcakes and soda and hitting the gym.

    • myfav0s2012 says:

      NubianTrini Mix You’re absolutely right!! Her makeup artist is amazing. I’ve seen her & Arods vlogs and she’s been in her dressing room getting ready with a completely makeup free face & yes she doesn’t like a 30 yr old, but she’s still beautiful and her skin is great, but Scott Barnes takes 20 yrs off of her once he’s done with her makeup. As far as her body, she is a beast in the gym & on top of that she dances. So her body has always been in great shape. Even after she had the twins she joined a triathlon and loss all the baby weight and it wasn’t over night likes these other celebs that are taking post pregnancy pics in bikinis showing off their so called snapped back but dont even credit the plastic surgeon that gave them that lip/bbl 😏. Jen just happens to be very disciplined, dedicated & consistent with her health routine and people have a hard to believing that bc they think all these women in Hollywood get work done. Halle Berry is also like JLo with her diet and exercise routine and hasn’t gotten work done but haters will say she had botox too 🙄

    • myfav0s2012 says:

      Jo L Genes helps but if you dont have a good self-care routine, your age will start showing eventually

    • Shenaaz Shivji says:

      Jesi Loves Makeup very true… anyone can be like her with having LOTS OF MONEY 💰

    • New Trend 24 says:

      Derma Light Skin Therapy!!! Tips for Young Skin –

  • Mari Rodriguez says:

    I don’t smoke..Drink or do drugs!! It’s a choice.* :)) #ProudofMe

  • Terri Carroll says:

    I love what she shared about the affirmations. Some of these comments reflect how much negativity we all have to encounter from others, people are just so mean and cynical. Then we have the negative self-talk, as she pointed out. Turning it positive and being grateful for life and health is a great tip. Thanx for sharing this.

  • R A says:

    When I call out to God He answers me. He tells me things I wouldn’t know otherwise. Jeremiah 33:3
    That’s the meditation I love, a oneness between me and God. Now that’s phenomenal🤓

    • Nyrasia Lomax says:

      @Celeste Jacobs False. Jesus is Lord. Every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord. Just because you don’t see Him, doesn’t mean He doesn’t exist. He loves you!

    • Nyrasia Lomax says:

      @Von Musklaus False.

    • Celeste Jacobs says:

      @Nyrasia Lomax Yeah.. when you can’t see something and there’s no evidence that it exists, the logical conclusion is that it doesn’t exist. Show me one shred of scientific evidence that there’s a God and we can talk.

    • Nyrasia Lomax says:

      @Celeste Jacobs That’s the issue right there. Everything isn’t based on logic. God created the Heavens and the Earth, the moon and the stars. That’s perfect evidence right there. 🙂

  • jazevox says:

    its a choice … no smoke, no drink, no drugs … and I made that choice too

  • Lizette Salazar says:

    all good things come from God not the universe.

  • K k says:

    She’s right water and sleep.. Helps with skin and organs

  • Paul G says:

    you know very well, JLO doesn’t use this stuff, she’s gets pricey creams and goes to get exclusive swanky treatments.

    • Jo L says:

      @Rob Caldwell oh ok 🙂

    • Tracey Walker says:

      You don’t always have have a master mind of money to look good , everyone should know there body, figure out what you need and do it, I drank 4bottles water aday sleep 8hours do veggie and fruit smoothies exercise only 10 min day ,use a skin care of rice flour eggwhite keep skin tight my mask after use roc daily moisturizer, and I am good to go, so don’t judge , remember our body is not her body , do you and live life♥️

    • Dimonlight 101 says:

      Because you are with her 24 /7

    • myfav0s2012 says:

      Ema You can get the same results with a drug store cream if you’re consistent and disciplined. You also have to start taking care of your skin from young, starting in your teens if possible. Also keep a clean healthy diet & like she said, dont drink and smoke bc that will definitely age you faster. Its all about the way you take care of yourself. Its not rocket science.

  • ServinEmWith PrinceJon says:

    Don’t smoke! Don’t drink! Don’t do drugs!! It’s a choice!! Stay healthy!

  • Matthew Kim says:

    I love how no one talks ethnicity…, ethnicity and genes play a HUGE part in how you age…

    • Aki Aka says:

      @Victoria Hunter how do you fast? Are you vegan?

    • myfav0s2012 says:

      Victoria Hunter Fasting is amazing for growth hormone and helps produce collagen

    • myfav0s2012 says:

      Lucky One You dont have to be a vegan to fast. Anyone on any diet can do it. Google intermittent fasting and you’ll find tons of information or right here on youtube.

    • Poet Victoria Hunter says:

      @myfav0s2012 yes I know. I am a fasting expert. I have done every fast several time. I have been fasting every for a year now. I fast at average at least 14 hours a day. For the next two weeks I am on a 20 hour fast, one meal a day. I am doing some serious cutting now.

    • Poet Victoria Hunter says:

      @Aki Aka I have done vegan and plant base and carnivor. I am mostly peskatarian blood type diet food only and love it. Eating mostly for your blood type is a real game changer. You feel powerful and less hungry.

  • KD KD says:

    Her beauty secrets? I will share them with you: Good genetics, lots of money to afford regular spas, a great bed and pillow to sleep on, a bit of botox on the side, a 24/7 personal chef, a personal trainer… Oh Gosh, let’s be honest. It’s not all about water.

  • christine says:

    I totally live the same way plenty of sleep, no alcohol, no drugs, say no to negative energy and it shows in a positive way as you age. Keeping close to God and faith!!!

  • Canal Targeto says:

    She forgot money to pay doctors

  • Erin Vaughn says:

    Maybe one day we will all have the money to take care of our selves properly ! 💖

    • Feroz khan says:

      Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to learn about how to maintain youthful looking skin try Jadonite Food Beauty Buddy (just google it ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate got cool results with it.

    • dansza says:

      That’s the biggest misconception I’ve ever heard. Veggies fruit and water and sleep and don’t tell yourself negative feedback.

    • Ashley Brittney Romero*Ratliff says:

      I understand where you’re coming from it does cost time and money to go get fresh fruits and vegetables because the food does go bad faster because it’s fresh wholesome and not process to last on the Shelf like cheap Ramen and ravioli no one below in the comments obviously has struggled before I’m in nursing school full-time and I work full-time and I get food stamps and trying to make those stretch and last all month with healthy wholesome food does get tough so what I do is do a balance of the first few weeks I eat fruits and vegetables and make the time to go get these things and when needed in portion size I will have half a Ramen or share can of menudo with my kids it’s all about balance all of us are trying to cop out as stated below you have to understand I myself have lost done in 10 lb but it’s taking me two years I live up on a mountain away from all fresh produce and I have to make the time to go get apples bananas strawberries which most I get Frozen and put in two shakes since they do go bad fast mainly eat some eggs and smart steamer bowls but definitely salads grab a rotisserie chicken shredded over on top it’s all about balance and making the best choices even when you go get a burger take the bun off at the more lettuce and tomato and of course just watch out for that Romaine with that e-coli breakout LOL trying to lighten the mood a bit but you get what I’m saying

    • Lulu Williams says:

      Erin Vaughn Try to do your best now, we just have one life.

    • myfav0s2012 says:

      Erin Vaughn Stop looking for excuses. Anyone can take care of themselves properly. First you have to change your mindset than you have to eat healthy, exercise, dont drink, dont smoke, protect your skin from the sun, moisturize your skin, exfoliate, meditate. You dont have to be rich to do none of that. Its all in your mind. We can make our own skincare products in our kitchen using natural things you have in your cupboards and fridge. Those diy skincare products turn out to be better than the expensive stuff they sell out there half of the time. Eating healthy is a personal choice and exercising doesn’t require fancy equipment and a gym membership. Your words sabotage you. The word “maybe” alone is already placing negativity into the universe. Speak positive affirmations & dont envy others and the universe will grant your desires.

  • Mona J. says:

    Her secret is MONEY.

  • PureSparkles22 says:

    Stay away from refined sugar and processed foods

  • Snexwrld says:

    Great beauty tips
    First thing in the morning Pray put God First…prayer has power You can do face massages help a lot search utube drink lots of water stay away from sugar
    Eat l foods like berries;avacodos;Kale shake ; vitamin c Kiwis strawberries broccoli; lemons. (In the morning Drink warm water with squeezed lemon (omega 3 helps fight inflammation in skin Foods with omega 3 wild Salmon Sardines Tuna Walnuts
    Rose hip oil is a great anti aging oil it helps with skin elastin exercise drink lots of water no smoking no drinking and sleep

  • H S says:

    Dr. Oz looked a bit too “handsy” for my comfort level during this spot.

    • Garnet Fusion says:

      A bit? Men don’t need to touch women period. I hate when they even put my hand on me a little. Or vice versa. Everybody need to keep their hand on themselves.

  • Dumitrascu Claudiu says:

    I Love this Persona.
    She ,and dr. Oz, ‘r Just soo Down-to-Earth, Always pleasent toking,and be arownd them…
    Health and wellness, to you twuo!::

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