Jennifer Lopez Shares Her Advice on Success – BEST OF OZ COLLECTION

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Jennifer Lopez Shares Her Advice on Success – BEST OF OZ COLLECTION

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  • maryam enate says:

    May be the firs women i comments. Jen is my age but i looks like her mother because of life style.but i am proud of her. She looks gorgeous. My inside is young.

  • LA Kierstead says:

    God. She is just something. I just cant get enough of her. We could be best friends. She is SUCH a wonderful role model for all the young women out there. Shes not slutty, she dresses well, speaks well, appreciative, humble….we need to raise our children to emulate her!

    • soli Sanchez says:

      LA Kierstead lmao!! Are you kidding?!!
      The only thing any kid should “emulate” from her is her ambition.
      Other than that, that’s it.
      This woman is co-dependent. When have you ever seen her single for more than a week. She has to have a man in her life because it appears that she isn’t happy with being alone.

  • Baba 0930 says:

    She is just wonderful woman 👩

  • soli Sanchez says:

    That’s HILARIOUS, that she says it is about be happy first and being “whole on your own”. Lmao! This woman is co-dependent. When has she ever been without a man. She has even had to pay a man in the form of gifting him expensive items, in order to make herself “happy” and not being “whole on her own”.
    She says the same BS all the time. About being on your own to be happy then a week later she is in a relationship. lmao!

  • Marcus Guillen says:

    Got success bcuz she blew the right guy🤣

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