Is Your Blood Pressure Out Of Control And Putting You At Risk For Covid-19?

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Is Your Blood Pressure Out Of Control And Putting You At Risk For Covid-19?

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  • Vonneke Warlich says:

    Thank you ..Dr Oz ..❤️

  • Stacy John says:

    Yes it is

  • Ann Mitt says:

    Every Dr. Oz show has to get a social justice issue in.
    News flash: Black people have the same access to health care as other races. Rural communities are the folks limited. It’s not a skin color issue.

  • linda wild says:

    I am in the low risk zone thank God, because high blood pressure runs in my family and I am almost 71and have a pace maker. Does that have an influence on my blood pressure?

  • Lucky Yena says:

    Any tips to make nuts, vegetables and leafy foods more palatable?

  • Mark Conway says:

    My cardiologist told me last week he wanted my pressure at 130/80 even a touch higher , but I’m in Australia so the guidelines might be different.

  • Natalie Gould Maddison Zavala says:

    Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  • argent2020 says:

    My was 151/83 Pulse 88 BMI (What BMI Means?) 46.02 Temp 98.3 F Weight 285 LBS Height 5′ 6″ Respiration 20 Blood Test for PSA At the end, I left the Clinic with a paper: “Referral to interventional Radiology Body”.

  • Mar Cheri Jones says:

    Very informative. Are wrist monitors accurate? I have one but should I be using an arm monitor instead? Thank you in advance Dr OZ.

  • Dawn says:

    I’d love to know the connection between early childhood trauma/abuse/neglect and high blood pressure. When people think their high blood pressure is “genetic”, maybe it’s due to intergenerational trauma in the same family tree with the same dysfunctional patterns. Dr. Oz, please do a segment with Dr. Nadine Burke Harris on adverse childhood experiences ACEs, as childhood trauma, abuse, and neglect, are one of the greatest public health crises of our time.

  • HaleyMaryArtzab says:

    Is there any connection to high blood pressure and stress or seasonal changes/barometric pressure? I’ve had cluster headaches off and on since 2013 and I sometimes wake up with eye pain in my left eye. The pain feels like someone is stabbing my eye from the inside out, but the eye pain lessens when I go outside and walk around and get fresh air. The eye pain is often worse before the rain or snow. Please do more videos about blood pressure!

  • tyquan fleming says:

    😃 🎃

  • Sibel Caglarer says:

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  • Salman Khan says:

    Please help me my weight loss sir my weight 98 my age 26 help me sir

  • Salman Khan says:

    I’m from India

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